The best ways to build trust on a Shopify store

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Your store is sales representative of your business. If the representative is weak and cannot be trusted you wont get good sales. Most of newbies need to understand the important of managing the website. We would like to suggest you some important factors that you can win buyers trust.

Trust Badges

Use trust badges like Visa, Master, Moneyback Guranteed, Fast Shipping etc… Specially add Paypal badge as well because Paypal has good buyer protection policy and customers love it.

Quality Photos

Always use quality photos that customers can have good understand about the the product. Do not use photos with different logos, poor quality photos, photos with lots of texts.

Product Reviews

80% of the customers read the product revives before they purchase. Reviews will make them trust about the product and confidence to purchase. If you can add revives with customer photo or videos that will be the best. You can add product reviews app to your Shopify store.

About us /Our story Page

Keep your about us page very clear or else write a story about your store. People will check about the website before they purchase from about us. About us page mention where do you run your business, your name also add your photo in there. This small things will high value to your store.

Contact Details

Provide contact details including e mail address. It will be great If you can provide telephone number, fax number. Also add Facebook messenger app, that will be helpful to clear customers doubt by chatting with you. Also you encourage customer to buy from you. You should use Facebook live chats to promote more products to customers.

No Drop Shipping

If you plan to drop ship, do not show on your store that you are a drop shipping. If customer come to know that you are drop shipper, they will start believing that you are dealing with cheap Chinese stuff. Make sure do not use photos with Chinese logos and text.

If you don’t have trustworthy site, its difficult for you to grow more sales.

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