7 Arguments for Why Your eCommerce Site Needs a Blog

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Someone must inform you. Your eCommerce business absolutely needs a blog, even if your social media presence is robust and your website’s sales funnel is effective.

Why do we say this when we know that as a shop online owner, you already have a lot on your plate? Because blogging—creating quality material on a regular basis—can aid in the expansion of your company in at least 7 distinct ways.

1. Blog postings may enhance the SEO for your shop

More companies have entered the eCommerce market in the last few years. To reach clients stranded at home and make up for lost in-person sales, many neighborhood brick-and-mortar shops, retail chains, and even manufacturers who formerly sold primarily to other companies have now embraced eCommerce.

As a result, there are a lot more eCommerce shops with which to contend for exposure in search results. You must thus turn up your SEO engine.

Regular articles add new content to your website, which might raise its position in search results. Posts that contain the types of search terms your consumers use, such as “Bluetooth exercise earbuds“, “organic food” or other terms, can also be effective.

2. How to articles can bring in both new and returning customers to your online store

There are probably clients out there seeking for advice on how to use whatever it is that you sell. Everything from beauty care products to sporting goods to tools for home remodeling go under this category. Give those consumers what they want, and create how-to and instructional blogs that are so valuable that readers will bookmark them and return time and time again to learn more.

3. An effective blog may expand the email list for your online store

Your email list is, as you presumably well know, the cornerstone of best marketing. If your blog has useful and well-liked information for your readers, it may help you expand your email list and reach more consumers more quickly with your special offers, promotions, and product news.

4. Attract devoted clients to your e-commerce blog with the use of lifestyle content

A blog is frequently the first step in creating a community around your business, which is a next-level marketing strategy.

You don’t need to feature any of the products on your blog. Instead, your blog entries can discuss issues that are important to your audience.

It means you need a solid grasp of your client personas in order to design a blog that helps link your business to your customers’ lifestyle. A single category on your store’s blog devoted just to lifestyle material would be a good place to start. You may progressively add more if it succeeds.

5. A wonderful way to give purchase advice for increased sales is on your store’s blog

Your customers want to purchase the proper things, regardless of what those products are, even if they don’t all share the same lifestyle or set of reasons. This explains why buying guidelines are a common topic on e-commerce blogs.

You may produce “evergreen” content, like the blog posts on choosing hair care products, that draws readers all year round.

You may even create buyer’s recommendations tailored to certain holidays and events. So you probably sell presents or items that people want to give as gifts, and anything you can offer as a gift makes a wonderful topic for a buyers’ guide blog article.

6. To increase site traffic, you may use your e-commerce blog posts as social media content

If your blog posts include fantastic, unique photographs, more people will visit them. Additionally, such photographs can encourage social media users to share your content, which can increase traffic to your site and help you attract new consumers.

You can create blog photographs that your readers will want to share even if you don’t have an influencer-sized marketing budget by using your phone and some professional advice on taking product shots.

7. You can find your next employees with the aid of your e-commerce blog

You could be seeking to hire additional personnel if your shop is expanding. One method to let your consumers know is to post job openings on your blog, but an even more powerful strategy is to create a blog category that demonstrates to readers what your business is like, who works there, and why they like it.

Sell Online With Shopify
Trusted by millions of businesses worldwide
Sign up for a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month on select plans.

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