6 Benefits of Automating Your Customer Service

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As society develops, people tend to want to automate almost everything to make everything easier, more convenient, save a lot of costs and limit more risks. We often hear forms of customer service automation in business areas. So, what is customer service automation and how does it benefit? Let’s learn and analyze through the following article.

What is Customer Service Automation? Customer service automation is a customer support process that reduces human involvement in resolving customer inquiries. Businesses deploy automated customer service using self-service resources, proactive messaging, or simulated chats.

In the modern-day retail environment, the customer is more powerful than ever. If you trade in any product, the product quality is good, the product design is beautiful, the business strategy, your brand promotion is very strong, all of these are still not enough to say anything. anything because your competitors can do it too. So what will make the difference? That is customer service. This will be the key point for you to collect the opinions of your customers and get their satisfaction. If you provide your customers with great experiences, it also means they will be more engaged with you and even willing to pay a lot of money for those great experiences.

Benefits of Automating Your Customer Service:

1. Improve customer satisfaction levels

Put yourself in the position of the customer so that you can understand the customer’s wishes so that you can come up with a good solution. According to surveys, the most common cause of customer dissatisfaction is that they wait too long for their problem to be resolved. For example, you took the time to find a product you like, then you have to spend your money to buy that product, so when you have a problem, I definitely believe that you want your problem. resolved quickly. And if they are supported in a timely manner, they will surely have a good impression of your company and will stick with you longer.

There are two ways in which businesses might go about addressing the problem of long wait times. The first way, you will have to hire more staff to support customers, but this method does not seem to be very effective because it costs a lot. Second, you can automate aspects of your customer service, in other words, using an AI-enabled chatbot alongside your eCommerce platform to answer frequent customers. This method not only saves time but also minimizes customer dissatisfaction or frustration.

2. Cost savings

According to McKinsey & Company – an American worldwide management consulting firm, that advises on strategic management to corporations, governments, and other organizations, businesses that use technology, automation, to improve their customer experience can save up to 40% on service costs. Businesses can reduce the need for new hires as they scale, which saves costs and increases long-term customer value.

Yes, finances are very important to the survival of any business. You have to make your business strategy the most effective but the cost must be the lowest. Instead of investing in more human resources, wasting time and money on training, why not automate customer service? Efficiency is still very high.

3. Lightening the load for your staff

Of course, there will be cases where it is imperative to deal with a person directly because the issues are very varied and there are some consumers who still have some reservations about automated customer service they would prefer to interact with a human assistant rather than an automated one, even as artificial technology in retail continues to improve. You should also know that automation is built to support people, not to completely replace people. There are very simple cases, but there are also very complex cases. Automation will keep your problems under control, giving you time to focus on serious problems to the best result.

4. Support 24/7

People can only work according to certain hours of the day. Automated customer service, on the other hand, provides ongoing support without breaks, lunches, vacations, or sick days.

Today, your customers are not just customers in your area, they are people from different parts of the world, because the time zone is different, you will not be able to provide timely support. Automated 24/7 customer service can help provide customers with a helping hand, whatever the time of day. This should boost conversion rates, sales, and revenue, and thus your overall bottom line.

5. Fewer human errors

There are two common mistakes in customer service that are careless errors and emotional errors. None of us are infallible! Even if you are a long-term employee with a lot of experience, there will be certain mistakes. When you have too much to do, you are overloaded, it is certain that mistakes are inevitable. It was a careless mistake. Or there may be errors most commonly caused by emotional behavior. We, humans, are often dominated by emotions, which will affect our work efficiency as well as the way we solve problems. Automating customer services will help you minimize unnecessary mistakes, avoid economic losses as well as adversely affect your brand.

6. Promote your brand

When customers have trusted to choose to use your services, and they are satisfied with those experiences, they will surely stick with your company for a long time. They will introduce and convince their friends and relatives to come to you. Therefore, equip yourself with good customer service automation tools. Finding customers is difficult, but retaining customers is even harder. Therefore, when you have the opportunity, do it well. Customers return which means store sales will increase, achieving high business performance.

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