5 Tips for eCommerce Sellers for Easter 2020

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Easter eCommerce has been steadily increasing with an anticipated 19% growth from 2018 to 2022. The spike in demand around retail holidays like Easter is a great opportunity for many online sellers, however keeping up with expectations and higher sales rates means you need to get organized early in order to capitalize.

1. Get Hopping Early

Especially in 2020, be prepared to move larger amounts of goods more quickly. More people will be shopping online this year, so make sure you stock up on relevant inventory and ensure that your supply chain is moving smoothly. Getting items shipped a little earlier this year is also a good idea – potential delays could mean that clients don’t get their Easter shopping delivered on time.

2. Bunny-Friendly Bundles

Prepare Easter-themed product bundles with a mix of bestseller items tailored to different customers, such as grandparents, pets, spouses, best friends, or kids. Offering an “Easter Basket Bundle” that delivers savings compared to purchasing each product separately is a great way to increase average cart price and encourage Easter-centered buying.

3. Gamify Your Goods

Easter egg hunts are very popular, but this year COVID-19 is making this fun activity move online. Use this opportunity to give people a fun game to play while encouraging them to search through more product pages on your site. Let your customers hunt for hidden “eggs” across your online store, each egg can link to a promotional deal. Prizes or rewards for finding eggs can include:

  • Discount codes
  • Free gifts (with purchase)
  • Gift cards

Promote your game on social media with a shareable link to drive more traffic to your site.

4. Give Back

This year especially, build up your brand by giving back. By dedicating a percentage of your Easter sale to a worthy cause – for example a housing or food relief project – you won’t only look good, you will also do good. In one survey, 70% of Americans responded that they would choose a store that supports charities with a portion of their profits over one that does not.

5. Paint Your Store Pastel

Easter is a great holiday for building an attractive theme for your eCommerce site. Happy colors, multi-hued eggs, and sweet chicks and bunnies are all good options for livening up your home page and drawing more attention from online shoppers. Incorporating promotions with graphics will cultivate clicks and lead to more sales this Easter.

Source: Payoneer

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