Top 4+ Subscription apps for your Shopify store

For eCommerce stores, subscriptions are a popular tactic for increasing sales and maintaining the overall sales figures. In this article, I am going to tell you the best Shopify subscriptions apps.

Here is a list of the best Subscription Shopify Apps:

1. ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions


This is the most popular of the Shopify subscription apps, in part because of its robust feature list. ReCharge allows you to create multiple subscription plans. It is the only app that integrates directly into Shopify Accounts and has the account creation flow built into checkout, as well as allowing customers to manage their subscriptions from your website. It also supports both credit card and PayPal payments, and if you have an existing membership list, you can bulk import your subscribers into your store for free.

2. Recurring Orders & Subscription Box App by Bold


This Bold Commerce app allows you to sell physical products on a subscription basis. Prominent shopping sites such as Sugar Bear Hair and Lucky Tackle Box, the largest subscription store on Shopify, feature this app. Recurring Orders is the only app to allow subscriptions on individual products or an entire recurring cart, as well as mixed-cart shopping (one-time purchases and recurring orders). It also is the first Shopify app to allow for Build-a-Box or Meal-Plan type subscriptions.

3. Recurring Memberships


This app, also by Bold Commerce, works for both online and offline membership plans, from digital content subscriptions to fitness classes at your studio. One of its top selling points is the ability to change content accessible to visitors based on their subscription type, including a custom homepage for members. Recurring Memberships also allows for subscriptions boxes where customers receive random items within a specific category, rather than specific products.

4. Charge Rabbit

This app, created by Corknine Development, works best for businesses that sell digital magazine and video subscriptions, as well as charge for ongoing access to online files.

One downside to Charge Rabbit is that it doesn’t offer a PayPal option.

5. Seal Subscriptions


Seal Subscriptions will help you start your subscription business and increase your revenue with recurring orders.

This app will add a subscription widget next to the add to cart button on your product pages. When your customers subscribe and their next subscription order is ready, the app will send them an automatic invoice with the checkout link. Your customers will have the freedom to complete the order whenever they want!

6. Recurring Order & Subscription


This recurring orders app allows to easily create and maintain subscriptions, payment plans and invoicing. No customer login/registration required, allowing a quick subscription process. If needed, customers can unsubscribe using a link in the email.

Customers will see a subscription option next to Add to cart button, at the specified product(s) page.

The app sends them recurrent emails with a payment link that can accept over 100 payment options, using Shopify billing system.

7. Recurring Payments & Orders


PayWhirl Recurring Payments makes it easy to create, manage and sell subscriptions or other types of recurring payment plans on Shopify. This app help eliminate the custom development typically required to build all of the web pages that allow your customers to store payment methods, purchase subscriptions, and manage their own accounts online.

With PayWhirl + Shopify, your customers will be able to login and manage their own information, see their billing history and make changes to their account. Customers will be able to add or remove payment plans, update their stored cards on file, addresses and profile information associated with their subscriptions… All without having to contact anyone at your business!

You can rest assured with PayWhirl’s, cloud based, scalable infrastructure powering your recurring billing.

8. TORO Recurring & Subscription


This app is perfect for rental companies (flats, office buildings, equipments, etc.), subscription accompanying services (graphic design, software, photoshop, etc.), marketing companies, consultants…

With this app you can:

  • Allow customers to subscribe your products daily, weekly, monthly or custom time intervals
  • Provide fixed subscription which is suitable for monthly house rental, weekly magazine, etc.
  • Apply a discount if customers subscribe this product frequently rather than purchasing once.
  • Rule settings: Manually set up a recurring rule for a specific product or automatically apply it to a pre-defined product group

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