Top 10+ Subscription apps for your Shopify store

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For eCommerce stores, subscriptions are a popular tactic for increasing sales and maintaining the overall sales figures. In this article, I am going to tell you the best Shopify subscriptions apps.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Subscription Apps in 2024:

1. ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions


This is the most popular of the Shopify subscription apps, in part because of its robust feature list. ReCharge allows you to create multiple subscription plans. It is the only app that integrates directly into Shopify Accounts and has the account creation flow built into checkout, as well as allowing customers to manage their subscriptions from your website. It also supports both credit card and PayPal payments, and if you have an existing membership list, you can bulk import your subscribers into your store for free.

2. Recurring Orders & Subscription Box App by Bold


This Bold Commerce app allows you to sell physical products on a subscription basis. Prominent shopping sites such as Sugar Bear Hair and Lucky Tackle Box, the largest subscription store on Shopify, feature this app. Recurring Orders is the only app to allow subscriptions on individual products or an entire recurring cart, as well as mixed-cart shopping (one-time purchases and recurring orders). It also is the first Shopify app to allow for Build-a-Box or Meal-Plan type subscriptions.

3. Recurring Memberships


This app, also by Bold Commerce, works for both online and offline membership plans, from digital content subscriptions to fitness classes at your studio. One of its top-selling points is the ability to change content accessible to visitors based on their subscription type, including a custom homepage for members. Recurring Memberships also allows for subscription boxes where customers receive random items within a specific category, rather than specific products.

4. Charge Rabbit

This app, created by Corknine Development, works best for businesses that sell digital magazine and video subscriptions, as well as a charge for ongoing access to online files.

One downside to Charge Rabbit is that it doesn’t offer a PayPal option.

5. Seal Subscriptions


Seal Subscriptions will help you start your subscription business and increase your revenue with recurring orders.

This app will add a subscription widget next to the add to cart button on your product pages. When your customers subscribe and their next subscription order is ready, the app will send them an automatic invoice with the checkout link. Your customers will have the freedom to complete the order whenever they want!

6. Recurring Order & Subscription


This recurring orders app allows you to easily create and maintain subscriptions, payment plans and invoicing. No customer log in/registration required, allowing a quick subscription process. If needed, customers can unsubscribe using a link in the email.

Customers will see a subscription option next to Add to cart button, at the specified product(s) page.

The app sends them recurrent emails with a payment link that can accept over 100 payment options, using the Shopify billing system.

7. Recurring Payments & Orders


PayWhirl Recurring Payments makes it easy to create, manage and sell subscriptions or other types of recurring payment plans on Shopify. This app help eliminate the custom development typically required to build all of the web pages that allow your customers to store payment methods, purchase subscriptions, and manage their own accounts online.

With PayWhirl + Shopify, your customers will be able to login and manage their own information, see their billing history and make changes to their account. Customers will be able to add or remove payment plans, update their stored cards on file, addresses and profile information associated with their subscriptions… All without having to contact anyone at your business!

You can rest assured with PayWhirl’s, cloud based, scalable infrastructure powering your recurring billing.

8. TORO Recurring & Subscription


This app is perfect for rental companies (flats, office buildings, equipment, etc.), subscription accompanying services (graphic design, software, photoshop, etc.), marketing companies, consultants…

With this app you can:

  • Allow customers to subscribe to your products daily, weekly, monthly, or custom time intervals
  • Provide fixed subscription which is suitable for monthly house rental, weekly magazine, etc.
  • Apply a discount if customers subscribe to this product frequently rather than purchasing once.
  • Rule settings: Manually set up a recurring rule for a specific product or automatically apply it to a pre-defined product group

9. Native Subscriptions


Native Subscriptions app is a smart way to create subscriptions and recurring billing options on your Shopify store and a perfect solution for double your monthly sales. Native Subscriptions is a complete subscription app with Shopify’s Native Checkout which is using the latest Subscription API. This app is the perfect solution for recurring orders with secure billing options. Native Subscriptions billing keeps your customers from ever forgetting and ensures they get your product month after month as per your customer’s requirements.

Native Subscriptions will help you to create subscriptions and recurring billing easily. It will help you add a subscription widget next to add your Add-to-cart button. Recurring payments are managed at the customer’s satisfaction with this app. Store owners can set Fixed or Percentage Discount on subscription products.


  • With the Native Subscriptions, you can set up discounts for initial subscription orders.
  • Manage email notifications.
  • Customers can Skip, pause or cancel subscriptions from their own customer portal at any time without any complications.
  • Customers can manage and change addresses anytime.
  • Create subscription models that suit your store strategy.
  • Let your customers select their own frequency in a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly manner.
  • Offers great flexibility to configure rules and onboarding flow for subscriptions.
  • Keep live updates of your subscriber with analytics.
  • Change card details securely.
  • Gives a comprehensive solution that helps you create efficient subscription management systems.
  • Moreover, the app will offer excellent workflows to ensure the best outcomes while building your subscription business model.
  • User-friendly admin for both customers and store owners to manage the subscription data.
  • Safe payments: Customer’s credit card information is collected securely.
  • Integrates effortlessly with the checkout flow and order management system of Shopify.
  • Easy customization: Native Subscription offers a customizable design that seamlessly integrates with your store design.

10. Appstle Subscriptions


Appstle subscriptions enable you to offer subscription products in a few clicks. The app is exclusively designed to help you seamlessly set up, connect with Shopify checkout and start selling subscription products in minutes.


  • Multiple subscription intervals: With Appstle, you can create daily, weekly, monthly, or annual delivery intervals and provide your customers with as many options as you see fit.
  • Self-managed subscription options: Appstle helps you enable your customers to pause, edit, or skip upcoming deliveries, swap products, update payment, and adjust delivery dates.
  • Seamlessly connect with Shopify checkout: Appstle provides an easy and secure checkout by integrating with Shopify checkout. This enables unified checkout and processing of one-time & subscription orders.
  • Auto billing for Subscription Products: With saved customer payment methods, Appstle helps you to automatically bill your customers in a hassle-free manner.
  • Personalized mail notifications: With Appstle Subscriptions, you can send your shoppers personalized and automated emails, to keep them engaged. More customer engagement means more loyalty!
  • Mixed cart checkout: Having worked with ‘000s of merchants, we know that redirections during checkout create friction and reduces conversion. Appstle significantly minimizes this by enabling a mixed cart, and checkout one-time and subscription products in the same transaction.
  • Custom CSS and Subscription widget option: Appstle is a ready-to-use Plug and Play tool, requiring zero coding knowledge. But we also take care of the merchants who like to customize their code (using CSS). Our Custom CSS setting enables you to provide your own CSS and customize the subscription widget.
  • Track Product performance in real-time: Appstle, through its dashboard, provides you with detailed reports of your customers, revenue, and subscriptions, and tracks your product performance in real-time.
  • Reduce churn with dunning management: Recapture failed transactions due to expired or declined cards with our in-built and automated mechanisms to notify customers and payment retries

11. Subscription & Recurring Pay


The Subscriptions & Recurring Pay Benefits:

  • Provide users with a safe way to pay online with Shopify Native Checkout. You do not need to use 3rd party payment gateway.
  • Turn one-time sales into recurring purchases. You can turn your shop to Subscription-Based or just a few products tailor to your business-need
  • Offer both subscriptions and one-time purchases. So, your customers can purchase mixed cart checkout with one-time and recurring products in one transaction
  • Let your customer choose a suitable subscription plan when purchasing sub-product
  • Store owners can create as many subscription group and plans as your need
  • Customers can access the Customer Portal through Shopify Native Login
  • Control Customers’ Permission on Enable/Cancel/Pause/Skip/Cancel,… a subscription
  • Show link customer portal after checkout
  • Send email notifications to customers. You also can edit the email templates tailoring to your business concepts
  • NO Coding Skills needed. The installation process is automatic in any case, including changing the themes. You just need to come to the app again.
  • NO Leftover If you need to uninstall the app
  • Carefully testing with Shopify Themes and less chance to conflict with others.

12. Bundle Subscriptions


The Bundle app empowers you to easily add subscription options to your products using Shopify’s native checkout. With Bundle, you’ll increase sales and retain customers by offering flexible discount options on recurring purchases.

The app also allows customers to self-manage their subscriptions whenever they need to make a change—helping you save time on inbound customer contacts. We minimize churn and cancellations by providing alternatives like skip or pause.

We also help shoppers quickly update billing information so that failed charges don’t interrupt you or the customer’s experience.


  • Integrated with Shopify’s native checkout and native reporting
  • Store payment information and automatically charge customers
  • Built to easily integrate with your store’s theme
  • Customers can easily manage subscriptions on their own

13. Simple Subscriptions


With Simple Subscriptions selling product subscriptions and increasing recurring order revenue is as easy as:

  • Install the app and agree to the free trial
  • Complete the guided setup (no code editing)
  • Create custom subscription plans for your products

Thanks to the app’s deep Shopify integration, all of this can be done without ever leaving the Shopify Admin portal. Subscription plans can follow custom, recurring schedules like weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, and each plan can have a fixed-percent discount. For example, offer customers 7% off each weekly purchase or 5% off each monthly purchase.

14. Assemble Subscriptions


Impeccably engineered and beautifully designed, Assemble generates a stream of recurring revenue by creating seamless, discounted subscriptions that your customers can’t resist. Convenience for them, conversions for you.

Reduce churn by empowering your customers to manage, skip or pause their own subscriptions, while Assemble handles your invoicing, payment, stock, and deliveries.

Simply create your first subscription plan in minutes and reap the revenue that keeps rolling in.

No tricks – just flawless subscription plans in a matter of clicks.

  • Simple installation: one-click download for the majority of themes, two-snippet installation for the rest – and Assemble walks you through every step of the way.
  • Integrated with Shopify’s checkout: whether you’re an artisan store or a global brand, process any volume of payments and customers through Shopify’s native checkout.
  • Mixed carts: both one-time purchases and recurring subscription orders can be processed flawlessly in the same transaction.

15. Subscriptions


This app allows the shop owners to sell subscriptions on their Shopify store. One special feature that this app offers is the group subscription discounts feature.


  • Solo subscriptions (1 customer)
  • Group subscriptions (2+ customers)
  • SMS notifications (order confirmation, post-delivery, billing reminders, subscription skip/cancel/set next date/interval edit/customer info edit)
  • Skio No-Code Theme Editor (fully customizable colors, a/b tested layout)
  • Set next order date (as a customer)
  • Passwordless login (4-digit code by email)
  • 0s page load (after 1st load)
  • Product-level analytics
  • Order anchors (day of the week/month)
  • Native Shopify checkout (improved checkout completion, no duplicate products)
  • Centralized order history (show 1-time + subscription orders in 1 spot)
  • Your URL in checkout flow + subscription portal
  • Multi-currency support (checkout, subscription portal, localized formatting)

16. EasySub Subscriptions Billing


EasySub helps to create, manage and process subscriptions that have a recurring billing schedule. EasySub integrates natively with Shopify Checkout with the latest Subscriptions API for a smooth customer experience. Easily add subscription products to your store in 3 simple steps!

  • Create a selling plan to customize how a product should be sold as a subscription
  • Assign the selling plan to a product
  • Use the one click installation button to automatically build all the pages to allow customers to purchase and manage subscriptions

17. NoCode Subscriptions


By using this application, subscriptions can be realized with “no-code”. After installation, just add the order cycle settings and click the “Enable” button to start selling subscriptions right away.

18. Repeat Kit Subscriptions


With Repeat Kit, you turn any product into a subscription which customers can order repeatedly.

Repeat Kit lets you offer & accept recurring payments for your products.

First, you choose a product you want to become a subscription. Then you create subscription plans with flexible delivery options such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly (or a mix of options).

You also have the option to create a discount for each subscription plan.

19. Subscription Plus


Subscription Plus app is the best way for a merchant to create subscriptions and recurring billing options on their Shopify store. This app is a perfect solution for recurring orders with secure billing options using Shopify Native Checkout. A merchant can offer Subscription/Prepay options to their customers on specific products…

20. Simplee Subscriptions


Simplee Subscriptions gives your business everything it needs to sell subscriptions, keep subscribers, and allow your customers to manage their subscriptions without any assistance.


  • Subscription Discounts: Easily let subscribers save a percentage or fixed amount for subscribing. Offer different discounts for different frequencies
  • Storefront Widget: This app automatically adds a beautiful widget to your storefront which can be fully customized with Shopify Liquid code
  • Customer Portal: The built-in portal makes it easy for your subscribers to update their subscription, whether this is shipping and billing information, product quantities, pausing and skipping orders, and more
  • Fixed Billing Days: If you need subscription orders to be generated on the same day every week, month, or year, the app offers this feature, called anchor days, to all merchants
  • Cutoff Days: If you use fixed billing days, you want to prevent the initial and second-order from being too close together. Cutoff days let you do exactly that!
  • Failed Credit Card Retries: Simplee Subscriptions can automatically retry failed payments based on your rules, and either pause, cancel or skip the failed order
  • Email Notifications: The prebuilt templates make it easy to send customers custom notifications when they begin a new subscription and when their payment fails
  • Subscription Shipping Profiles: Create shipping rates specifically for your subscription products. This lets you offer discounted or free shipping on your subscriptions
  • Shopify Customer Tags: Active customers automatically get tagged in Shopify with a tag of your choice, making it easy to identify and target subscribers. This also makes it easy to work with other Shopify apps which rely on tags
  • Shopify Order Tags: All subscription orders automatically get tagged with a tag of your choice! This makes it easy to create unique processes around subscription orders and makes reporting a breeze
  • Widget Customizations: You can easily change the color and text of your storefront widget – no coding required! You also have full control of your widget’s code if you would like something more advanced
  • Language Translations: Your customer portal is critical to keeping your subscribers. This app makes it possible to change any text on your storefront widget and your customer portal – whether you’re translating to a different language, or just tweaking some of the text to fit with your brand
  • Payment Gateway Support: The app supports several methods of payment, including Shopify Payments, PayPal Express, and – more will become available as Shopify allows more gateways to work with subscriptions
  • Multi-Currency Support: Simplee Subscriptions support Shopify’s multi-currency out of the box! This app takes care of tracking exchange rates hourly and always use updated rates when making changes to subscriptions
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