Top 4+ Shopify Group Buying Apps

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Traditional e-commerce has relied on marketing to each shopper individually to get sales & growth. This leads to higher acquisition & advertising costs for businesses. Many store owners spend about 20% – 30% of revenue on digital ads to increase customer retention and acquisition but the result usually doesn’t meet your expectation and cost a lot.

With the group buying feature, you can offer group purchase discounts on your store. To win discounts, customers will create a group purchase and invite friends to buy together. With these awesome apps’ help, you will increase retention and acquisition by customers’ networking rather than the huge cost of ads.

Here is the list of the best Shopify Group Buying apps in 2024:

1. Jioukou Group Buying

Jioukou offers your customers the opportunity to group purchases. Offering savings to everyone. Thus gaining new customers. Moreover, this app will also offer group buying discounts to your loyal customers, onboarding their network of group buyers also. When your customers share their group purchases, their savings will be seen on their feeds.


  • Group buying button: Show the group buying button on the product detail page. Your customers can choose to buy directly or buy together with group-buying discounts.
  • Easy to set up: Set up the group buying rules to enable the group buying button on the product page. You can adjust the rules depending on the feedback from the customers.
  • Separate checks: On the group page, friends can finish the payment by themselves. Customers don’t have to help their friends to pay or place an order.


2. Group Buy ‑ Social E‑commerce

Group Buy brings the most acclaimed & universally proven social e-commerce feature to your shop. Now in a jiffy, enable customers to buy products together with their friends & family, driving overall orders & customer growth efficiently. Group Buy steers customers to share the group-buy deal in their network to get the discounted price. Such organic invite & product recommendation coming from a friend or family member makes people join in the deal quickly.


  • Start group buying in 30 seconds
  • Customize Deal
  • Personalized Group Deal Page
  • Track & Control
  • Easy sharing 


3. Groupbuying ‑ Group buying

Do you want to increase your sales? Your presence on social networks? Groupbuying is the solution that allows you to combine both group buying and its unique experience.

Groupbuying allows you to attract more customers to your store, increase your conversion rate and offer a unique experience to your visitors. This is a smart solution to grow your customer base and improve customer engagement. Your customer gets a lower price for a product by sharing his purchase via social networks. As soon as a participant joins their group, you are notified to ship the orders. You save money on your PPC campaigns while increasing your brand awareness.


4. Easy Group Buying

If you want to save money on digital advertising campaigns, it’s time to craft a well-thought strategy and employ a group purchasing approach in your store. This ultimately results in an increase in average order value (AOV) and skyrockets your sales. Easy Group Buying – A Unique Selling Strategy For Instant Revenue Boost On Your Store. Leverage the power of group purchasing and helps people attain discounts on products they’re buying in your store.


  • List Group Buy Products: The Group Buy app allows you to add group purchasing products to your store and lets buyers save more when they buy more in a single checkout.
  • Allow Multiple Groups: To avail of discount benefits, the buyers need to create a group or join an existing group to purchase group buy products.
  • Set Customer Limit: The app allows you to set customer limits while creating a group for a particular group to buy products.
  • Discount On Refund: In case of a refund, you can choose to offer discounts to customers who joined the group. Moreover, you can set the discount value and enter the number of days up to which the discount code is valid.
  • Display Countdown Timer: The app allows you to show a countdown timer to customers on the group buy product listing on your website.


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