Top 3+ Shopify Apps For Editing Images by AI

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In the competitive world of e-commerce, visually appealing product images are crucial for capturing customers’ attention and driving sales. Fortunately, with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Shopify merchants now have access to powerful image editing tools that can transform their product images with ease. In this article, we will explore the top 3+ Shopify apps for editing images by AI. These apps offer cutting-edge technology that can automate tasks such as background removal, product image enhancement, and more, helping online store owners create stunning visuals that elevate their online presence. Let’s dive into the world of AI-powered image editing and discover the best Shopify apps to enhance your e-commerce store’s visual appeal. Are you ready to unlock the power of AI for image editing in your Shopify store? Let’s get started.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps for editing images by AI in 2024:

1. HotShot ‑ AI Image Editor

Elevate your product photography to new heights with the sophisticated AI-powered image editing tools of HotShot. High-quality product shots are proven to boost customer confidence and drive increased sales, and with HotShot, you can effortlessly create professional and polished product images without breaking the bank. The state-of-the-art AI-powered tools enable you to easily edit photos, eliminating unwanted objects or defects, removing distracting backgrounds, or erasing unwanted text from any image. Seamlessly integrated with Shopify, you can enhance your product images and add them back to your listings with ease. Trust in the power of HotShot to transform your product photography and captivate your customers with visually stunning results. Experience the unmatched convenience and efficiency of HotShot today and unlock the full potential of AI-powered image editing. Your brand deserves nothing less than perfection.

Pricing: From $20/month


  • Remove the background from any image to keep the focus on the product.
  • Remove unwanted defects or imperfections from any product image.
  • Remove unwanted text from any product image.


2. Picsart AI Photo Editor

Enhance your images with unparalleled customization using the cutting-edge AI tools of Picsart. Say goodbye to time-consuming edits and hello to impactful results. With Picsart, photo editing becomes fast and effortless, allowing you to focus on creating stunning designs for your store. Easily curate images with AI-powered tools that enable quick resizing, cropping, and background swaps for a seamless and consistent visual experience. Batch editing of up to 30 photos lightens your workload, eliminating the need to individually redesign each image. Increase your product visibility and elevate your sales with professionally edited images that capture the attention of your customers. Unlock the full potential of your visuals with Picsart and make your store truly stand out. Order now and experience the power of AI-enhanced image customization.

Pricing: $3.99/month. 30-day free trial.

Rating: 5.0


  • Highlight products by removing & replacing backgrounds with selected colors.
  • Crop manually in free form, automatically as a square, or as a 4:3 rectangle.
  • Resize images by adjusting width or height to fit your store design.
  • Batch edit up to 30 photos at once with 1 click.


3. AI Product Image Resizer

Unleash the full potential of cutting-edge and proprietary Machine Learning technology to create unparalleled product catalog images. Elevate the quality of your product images with a single click, thanks to these state-of-the-art image upscaling and enhancement tools. This powerful tool will revolutionize your product image preparation process, reducing time and effort while capturing the attention of more customers. Experience the power of AI and ML technology, which has been thoroughly tested on over 10,000 images, to enlarge product images without compromising on quality. Enhance your eCommerce catalog like never before with these advanced image editing capabilities.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 5.0



In conclusion, when it comes to editing images for your Shopify store, harnessing the power of AI can greatly enhance your workflow and produce professional-quality results. Among the top options available, the 3+ Shopify apps featured in this article stand out as leaders in the field of AI-powered image editing. From removing unwanted objects and defects to swapping backgrounds, resizing, and enhancing image quality, these apps offer a seamless and efficient way to elevate your product photography to the next level. With their user-friendly interfaces and advanced AI technologies, these apps empower you to create stunning product images that capture customer attention and boost sales. Don’t miss out on the benefits of AI image editing for your Shopify store.

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