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Are you running an eCommerce business and selling products on both Shopify and eBay? Do you find it challenging to manage orders and inventory on two separate platforms? If yes, then you’re in luck. Thanks to the Shopify app store, you can now seamlessly integrate your Shopify store with eBay and sync data such as orders, products, and inventory. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10+ best eBay integration apps for Shopify that can help you manage your business efficiently and save time. With these apps, you can streamline your workflow and focus on growing your business.

Here is the list of the best Shopify eBay integration apps in 2023:

1. CedCommerce eBay Integration

CedCommerce eBay Integration is a powerful Shopify app that simplifies the process of integrating your Shopify store with eBay. With its user-friendly interface and simplified navigation, you can easily customize your profile by adding templates and eBay business policies. This app allows you to create and apply templates to your products for price, inventory, category, and title, giving you more control over your eBay listings. In addition, you can customize personalized settings for each eBay account you connect to the app, allowing you to manage multiple accounts with ease. With CedCommerce eBay Integration, you can also automate the listing process with profile-based bulk product upload, ensuring that your eBay inventory is synced with your Shopify store in real-time. Plus, you can avail of a free eBay listing migration from the Shopify eBay sales channel app. Overall, CedCommerce eBay Integration is an excellent choice for Shopify merchants who want to streamline their eBay operations and boost their sales.


2. Elist Ebay Integration

Elist Ebay Integration is a versatile Shopify app that simplifies the process of listing items and importing eBay orders from your eBay store. This app allows you to import items from eBay and Shopify, and easily map them with existing eBay items. With Elist Ebay Integration, you can synchronize your eBay orders in real-time and manage them with ease. This app’s user-friendly interface enables you to map listings easily, making it simple to import orders and customer data from eBay. Overall, Elist Ebay Integration is an excellent choice for Shopify merchants who want to streamline their eBay operations and manage their eBay orders more efficiently. With its easy-to-use features and real-time synchronization capabilities, this app can help you save time and focus on growing your business.


3. Amazon, eBay, Etsy — Salestio

Salestio is a comprehensive Shopify app that simplifies the process of exporting your Shopify products to Amazon, eBay, and Etsy marketplaces through the Shopify UI. This app offers fully configurable features, giving you complete control over your product exports, including custom-defined prices and quantity. With Salestio, you can seamlessly import orders from Amazon, eBay, and Etsy to your Shopify store, ensuring that you’re always in the loop. This app’s flexible stock and price synchronization capabilities make it easy to keep your inventory and pricing up-to-date across all your marketplaces. Plus, you can make your products available on all available Amazon and eBay marketplaces, giving you global reach. Salestio also offers automation features, such as new product exports and fulfillment transfers, which can help you save time and streamline your workflow. Additionally, with access to 16 Amazon and 22 eBay marketplaces, Salestio can help take your sales to the next level. Overall, Salestio is an excellent choice for Shopify merchants who want to expand their sales channels and streamline their eCommerce operations.


4. Nembol ‑ eBay Amazon Etsy sync

Nembol is a user-friendly Shopify app that simplifies the process of syncing your inventory and orders across multiple online channels. With Nembol, you can easily export your store’s listings onto marketplaces and social media, increasing your exposure and sales. This app includes a basic set of features that enables you to manage your multichannel eCommerce effortlessly. It keeps your inventory in sync when you receive orders on any channel and allows you to edit all listings on all channels at once. Nembol also offers pricing automation that is easy to apply, giving you a dynamic and diversified pricing strategy dedicated to each marketplace. With Nembol, you can list your products from your Shopify stores on marketplaces and social media and import products into your Shopify store from marketplaces and WooCommerce. This app also syncs inventory stock count, orders, and product content across two Shopify stores, as well as inventory stock count among marketplaces and up to two Shopify stores. Additionally, Nembol imports each order line from eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, into your Shopify store, giving you centralized control over your orders. Overall, Nembol is an excellent choice for Shopify merchants who want to increase their exposure and streamline their multichannel eCommerce operations.


5. Simple Ebay Importer

If you’re looking for a simple and hassle-free way to transfer your eBay product listings to your Shopify store, the Simple Ebay Importer app may be just what you need. With a user-friendly interface built directly into your Shopify store, you can easily migrate all of your active eBay listings with just a few clicks. The app also can import multiple product and image variants, making the process even more seamless. Say goodbye to the headache of manually transferring your eBay products to your Shopify store and hello to the convenience of Simple Ebay Importer.


6. Professional Importer For eBay

The eBay Professional Importer app is a powerful tool that can help you streamline your sales and save time. With just a few clicks, you can import all of your eBay products into your Shopify store, complete with images and multiple variants. You also have the option to sync inventory and prices between the two platforms, which helps you stay on top of your stock levels and ensure your prices are consistent. Additionally, the app offers the option to set your own pricing rules and provides a dedicated account manager to assist with any template removal and customization needs. If you’re looking to import and synchronize your eBay products to your Shopify store, the eBay Professional Importer is an excellent choice.


7. Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart

The Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart app is designed to help Shopify store owners expand their reach to millions of new customers on leading online marketplaces. The app provides powerful automation and real-time sync to create a fully-featured omnichannel commerce platform, without the need for data migration or re-platforming. With Codisto, you can sell globally from any store currency and benefit from automated currency conversion. The app features three unique listing modes to create new listings or link existing ones in bulk, with 100% real-time sync of inventory, orders, pricing, and product details. Additionally, you can manage marketplace orders directly from Shopify and take advantage of free 24/7 global support via email, in-app live chat, and phone. Start driving more traffic, reaching new customers, and increasing revenue on global marketplaces with Codisto today!


8. eBay LINK

eBay LINK is a Shopify app that makes it simple and easy for merchants to boost their sales and reach new customers on eBay Australia. With eBay LINK, you can easily create product listings tailored specifically for eBay, synchronize inventory between your Shopify store and eBay to avoid overselling, and streamline your fulfillment process. The app also provides a single dashboard to review and optimize all eBay activity, including pricing and shipping, so you can maximize your sales with minimal effort. Plus, with full support provided by eCommerce experts, you can rest assured that you have the help you need to succeed on eBay.


9. LitCommerce Multichannel Sync

If you’re a Shopify seller looking to expand your sales channels, LitCommerce can help you manage your multichannel e-commerce business on more than 17 top-selling channels. With LitCommerce, you can create and edit product listings in bulk, sync inventory, orders, and pricing across channels, and manage everything in one dashboard without needing any technical skills. The app supports popular channels such as eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Google Shopping, Facebook, and more. It offers a spreadsheet-style interface for viewing and editing listings, as well as templates and recipes to quickly create or edit product listings. With a near-instant sync of product listings between Shopify and channels, you can stay up-to-date with your inventory and order management. Plus, you can easily import and track your marketplace orders onto your Shopify store.


  • Supports more than 17 top-selling channels, including eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Google Shopping, Facebook, and more.
  • Offers a spreadsheet-style interface for viewing and editing listings in bulk.
  • Provides templates and recipes to quickly create or edit product listings.
  • Enables a near-instant sync of product listings between Shopify and channels.
  • Imports and tracks marketplace orders onto your Shopify store.


10. Realtime Stock Sync & Bundling

Introducing Trunk, the inventory management app that makes it easy to keep track of stock levels and avoid overselling. With Trunk, you can connect all of your sales channels to Shopify, including other Shopify shops, Squarespace, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and more. Trunk also helps you keep your bundles and duplicate SKUs synced within the same Shopify store. With real-time syncing of matching SKUs, you’ll always know how much inventory you have, and powerful bundling and kitting features make it easy to track components and materials. Trunk’s simple and beautiful interface puts everything at your fingertips, and low-stock-level alerts will let you know when it’s time to replenish your inventory. Plus, with an easy setup even for stores with thousands of SKUs, Trunk will give you back the bandwidth to grow and sell on even more platforms.



In conclusion, integrating your Shopify store with eBay can greatly simplify your eCommerce operations and increase your revenue. With the help of the top 10+ best eBay integration apps for Shopify that we’ve introduced in this article, you can seamlessly manage your orders, products, and inventory on both platforms and save time in the process. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to optimize your existing operations, these apps offer a range of features and functionalities to suit your needs. So why wait? Choose the app that’s right for you and start syncing your data today!

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