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If you’re looking for some Shopify apps to help you improve your automotive store, then you have to check out these apps for selling cars and auto parts. These Shopify apps are made for online stores that sell automotive parts and vehicles, and they make it easier for your customers to search for their desired products by criteria like a car’s year, make and model.

1. Automotive Part Search


If your online store sells parts for cars and vehicles, then have to check out this Shopify app for automotive websites. Automotive Part Search allows your customers to search your store’s inventory by searching by a car’s make, model, and year, and it comes with a customizable design. Plus, this Shopify app offers easy integration, and you can assign as many 1,000 vehicles to a single automotive part.

2. EasySearch ‑ Search by Model


This Shopify app is designed for automotive stores that sell vehicles and car parts, but it can also be used for shops that specialize in accessories and parts for electronics. EasySearch allows your store’s visitors to search your inventory by make, model, and year, and you can import data via CSV files. Plus, this automotive Shopify app comes with your choice of horizontal and vertical search forms, and you can even customize the form’s colors to match your existing branding.

3. Year Make Model Advance Search


This app is very useful to search products very quickly from large products database. “Year Make Model Advance Search” allows your customers to find products on your website by year, make, model or any additional fields you have created with the help of this app. Search app provides robust solutions for automotive e-commerce, spare parts like audio parts, or any other similar industries, etc..

You can use this app into different stores like Vehicle / bike / cars / boats / printer / cartridges / parts / audio systems / air conditioning / electronics parts finder etc.. You can create search drop-downs like year, make, model, sub model / engine, etc… as per your requirements. You can also use this app for tires and wheels store. You can create search dropdowns like year, make, model, style for searching exact tires products.

4. Search By Car, Make Model Year


Search By Cars can be used to sell auto parts for cars, and it enables your customers to search your inventory by attributes, such as year, make, and model. This Shopify app for automotive parts stores comes with customization option, so you can change the search form’s color, orientation, and size. Plus, with this Shopify app for selling vehicles and car parts, you can import a CSV file with data about your store’s inventory.

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