The Shopify apps help to redirect visitors based on country or IP address

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Did you ever feel the need for a reliable tool to redirect visitors based on country or IP address in Shopify store website? Because you might have specific offerings for specific countries.

If you want to build this feature to your online store, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.

1. GeoIP Country Redirect

With the GeoIP Country Redirect app you can redirect them to the regional version of your store.

Here are the features:

  • Unlimited Redirect Rules: The app supports creating of unlimited redirect rules. You can enable / disable a specific rule.
  • Multiple display options: Display the redirect message in a Modal Box or as a Top Bar. Customize the look with custom CSS rules
  • Automatic Redirect: It is also possible to automatically redirect users to the respective stores.
  • Fallback Settings: App also allows you to mark a rule as fallback.
  • IP Exclusion: You can prevent the rules from triggering on a set of IP address.

2. EasyLocation ‑ GeoIP redirects

This Shopify app to helps you redirect customers to your local store, or block unwanted visitors based on their geolocation (region, country) or IP address.

3. Geo IP Redirect Manager

Geo IP Redirect Manager redirect customers to the relevant store based on country. Show a recommendation pop up and let your customers choose their stores through the pop up. This app helps you to get a customer’s location and then with a pop-up saying Are you in Canada? Head to our Canadian site” (or direct a customer automatically) to their relevant store.

Geo IP Redirect Manager adhere to SEO best practice and does not force redirect unlike any other redirect currency switcher app on the Shopify App Store. It fully comply with EU GDPR and geo-blocking policy.

4. Geolocation Redirect

Geolocation Redirect app is an easy to install and easy to configure app which allows your site to detect your users location and redirect them based on the conditions you set up.

Geolocation Redirect automatically detects the country of your visitors and can take the following actions:

  • Automatically redirect customers to the correct country website to purchase from.
  • Redirect users to another URL if they access a specific page on your site based on their location.
  • Add a notification bar at the top of your site which allows users to select the store that best suits them for their region.

5. Easy Country Blocker

Easy Country Blocker is a simple and more powerful app to block or redirect unwanted users from accessing your store by countries and specific IP range. The developer provide user-friendly settings in easy country blocker app, in which the user can easily manage the settings.

You can refer to this article: How to get a visitor’s location and redirect them to right store for Shopify if you would like do that manually without app.

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