The Shopify apps help to add multiple tabs to Shopify single product pages

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Your online shop customers need information – the more the better. Improve your store UI/UX and increase product sales by organizing your products descriptions, parameters, shipping information into several professional-looking tabs.

If you’re more technical, you may want to do this manually. If you consider yourself non-technical, there are Shopify apps that let create tabs as you want without custom programming.

Here are the best Shopify Product Tabs Apps in 2024:

1. Easy Tabs ‑ Product Tabs


This app has two ways to add tabs to your products: Standard tabs and Static tabs. Standard tabs are created based on your Product Description text. In other words, app just splits your Product Description onto separate tabs.

2. FREE Tabs ‑ Product page tabs


This app helps automatically create tabs using headings in your product page descriptions. This app may be easily configured to recognize any Heading in your Product description as a Tab header. All the text till the next heading will be considered as the tab content.

Once that’s done, all the copies between one heading and the text will automatically become tab content.

3. Tabs by Station


Tabs by Station is simply the app to use to easily add beautiful, fully customizable tabs to your product descriptions.

4. FREE Tabs ‑ Easy Product Tabs


How you can use this app to create tabs in for your product pages:

  • Add product descriptions tabs
  • Add shipping details tabs
  • Add size charts tabs
  • Add company details tabs
  • Add returns information tabs
  • Add FAQ tabs
  • Add feature tabs
  • Add product review tabs
  • Add links to similar products in tabs
  • Add promotions in tabs
  • Add contact information in tabs
  • Insert text, links, and images in your tabs.

5. Product Description Tab Widget



  • Auto-generate tabs: You can configure the app to automatically convert product descriptions into tabs. The app can be configured to convert any Heading (h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6) and content under the Heading into tabs
  • Additional tabs: You can add additional tabs (with content) for specific products using this app. Then those tabs will be shown on the product page along with existing product description tabs etc.
  • Show tabs anywhere on the product page: You can also create tabs (with content) for different products and show the tabs anywhere on the product page. Then those tabs and content will be shown separately along with the product description.

6. Magic Product Description Tabs


Magic Tabs provides an incredibly simple way to convert your long-form product descriptions into an easy-to-navigate, tabbed product description.

  • Avoid cluttered product descriptions with clean and organized tabbed content.
  • Create an unlimited amount of tabs.
  • Add static tabs: Constant tabs that are automatically applied to all product descriptions.
  • Responsive: Desktop, Tablet & Mobile friendly.
  • Automatically matches your store’s aesthetic/theme.
  • Adjust the styling of the active tab easily.
  • The automatic installer built-in. No need to edit any code.

7. TabMe ‑ Product Tabs


This app extends the default functionality of your store to organize product descriptions with entitled tabs, blocks, or accordions. Take advantage of the key features described below to maximize your conversion rate with this app!

8. My Tabs


My Tab extension acts as the best solution for increasing the sales of your store. It helps in adding informational as well as descriptive tabs on the product page. You can create any number of tabs into the list as per your requirements. You can get the products tags tab, description tab, additional information tab under one roof of this app.

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