The Professional ERP Apps For Shopify

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If you are looking for a modern all-in-one business management solution for fast-growing inventory-heavy manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce businesses then this article is for you. This great software is more powerful than old software used by your larger competitors, yet simple and affordable enough for use in businesses like yours. It is the ability to connect to your Shopify store in just a few clicks. Let’s install it and get the benefits that it brings.

Here is the list of the professional ERP app for Shopify in 2024:

1. Materials Inventory || ERP

This is an app that helps update Shopify inventory in real-time based on your raw materials inventory. Know your real-time inventory of bundles, products & raw materials, understand your costs & profits and make data-informed decisions. This app is intuitive & easy to use so you can focus on your business without worrying about inventory.


  • Accurate & Live: Real-time products, materials & components inventory on Shopify & the app
  • Optimized: Minimum deadstock, no overselling, reduced waste & avoided downtime due to out of stock
  • Informative: Costs & profitability per product. Full history of products & materials inventory
  • Custom made for you: Custom low inventory alerts on raw materials. Alerts are dynamically adjusted based on your data. Purchase Orders as PDF with your logo.


2. Allroot ERP

This is cross-border ERP Management Software. Multi-e-commerce platform orders centralized processing, 3 million single processing capacity per day. Intelligent bulk purchase, inventory warning automatic reminder. Support 40 e-commerce platforms and 300 logistics.


  • Automatic Matching Logistics, Application Logistics Document Number
  • Automatic weighing and freight calculation
  • Quick picking and accurate checking to ensure delivery accuracy
  • One-click mark multi-store delivery, upload tracking number
  • Real-time tracking of logistics status information
  • Intelligent early warning and replenishment of out-of-stock orders 


3. banma ERP

Quickly process orders and support multiple cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Wish, AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, etc. Docking multiple logistics like Docking China Post, Yanwen, Sifang Yuntu, and many other Chinese logistics service providers. Moreover, this is a good tool that helps inventory management, and complete inventory processing.


  • Quickly process orders and support multiple cross-border e-commerce platforms
  • Docking many logistics service providers.
  • Order rules, and automatically select logistics methods based on the conditions you set.
  • Complete inventory processing.
  • Docking with multiple suppliers to speed up your delivery process.


4. Fulfil.IO Retail ERP

Fulfil is an ERP designed for eCommerce & wholesale merchants. With the rise in multi-channel commerce, Fulfil was built with the simple idea that merchant operations need to be simplified in order to deliver amazing retail experiences. Fulfil enables businesses to turn their back-office operations into an accelerator for growth by integrating order management, inventory management, warehouse management, purchasing, wholesale, manufacturing, financials, and customer service; all into one seamless solution.


  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchasing & Procurement
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reporting and BI


5. Katana Inventory Management

Katana is a modern manufacturing & inventory management software for scaling small and medium manufacturing businesses. Its visual interface and smart real-time master planning allow manufacturers to get an overview of the entire business. Manage orders, raw materials, finished products, production recipes, manufacturing, sales, and stock. Sales orders are automatically sent from Shopify to Katana.


  • Automatic data movement between Shopify sales and Katana
  • Visual production planning
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Shopify multiple store support
  • Shopify x Katana Stock Sync


6. MabangErp3

Mabang ERP is a professional software base on Saas it supplies high-quality Services for e-commerce sellers such as order management, product management to help the sellers manage their SKU, stock, online items, purchasing & allocating management, and CRM & Message management.


7. Versa Cloud ERP for eCommerce

The Versa Cloud ERP (Standard Edition) is a modern all-in-one business management solution created for fast-growing inventory heavy manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce businesses moving to the next level. It is more powerful than old software used by your larger competitors, yet simple and affordable enough for use in businesses like yours.

Versa for eCommerce is a special version of the Versa Standard Edition offering especially for Shopify store owners with the ability to connect to your Shopify store in just a few clicks.


8. Acumatica Cloud ERP

This complete Retail-Commerce ERP solution tightly integrates Acumatica’s Financials, Sales, Inventory, CRM, and Fulfillment systems with popular eCommerce platforms, including native integration to your Shopify eCommerce stores and Shopify POS devices.

Connect your storefront or point-of-sale (POS) with a flexible back-office system that grows with your company, offers unique customer experiences, and provides valuable insights into your business.


9. MRPeasy Manufacturing ERP

MRPeasy is a cloud-based, affordable, and user-friendly ERP/MRP software for small manufacturers and distributors (10-200 employees). The integration automatically sends orders into MRPeasy for fulfillment: sell in Shopify and manage production in MRPeasy. MRPeasy contains advanced stock, supply chain, customer relationship, accounting, and production management.


10. mangoerp

ERP service of cross-border E-commerce for a Chinese seller. When using this app you can quick packing and delivery, select logistics automatically according to logistics rules and collect the products on the purchasing website, and upload them in batches.


  • Commodity collection: support the collection of goods from more than 100 websites, batch editing, and batch publishing to Shopify
  • Package delivery: multiple stores handle orders in a unified way, and then send orders in batches, print in batches, and deliver goods in batches
  • Inventory management: multi-store unified inventory management, scanning guns in and out of storage, etc
  • Purchase management: real-time monitoring of inventory, automatically generating purchase suggestions according to inventory quantity, and create purchase orders for purchase
  • Data report: support order statistics, product statistics, profit statistics, customer statistics, etc 


11. Wherefour ERP/Traceability

Wherefore is a modern, mobile, and cloud-based ERP that makes it easy to manage your inventory and provide one-click traceability of your raw materials as they go through a production, assembly, or kitting process. This software is built to handle both discrete and process manufacturing with an affordable and approachable user interface that even works on mobile devices.


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