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If you’re looking for an easy-to-use solution that can help you collect the most comprehensive customer behavior data and instantly create a custom or lookalike audience list based on existing groups thanks to precise TikTok pixel tracking, these great apps are just what you need.

Here is the list of the best Tiktok Pixel Apps for Shopify in 2024:

1. TiXel ‑ TikTok Pixel Installer

Get smart insights on your TikTok Ads by adding a tracking pixel to your store in just a single click.

There is no need to manually configure the Product Details Page View, Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, and Complete Payment E-Commerce events in your TikTok Business Account – The app will automatically trigger them for you. With the insights you’ll get from the tracking Pixel (which includes information about your traffic, add-to-cart events, sale events, and more) you’ll be able to adjust your target audience and improve the quality of the traffic you’re attracting. No technical knowledge is required at all in order to install and activate the TikTok Pixel in your store. Simply copy it from your TikTok Business account and paste it into the app.


2. Omega ‑ Multiple TikTok Pixels

If you install your TikTok pixels the usual way, it will work in the browser. And browser means limitation. Think ads blockers, IOS 14+ updates, cookie blockers. In plain English, browser-side pixels are prone to data loss.

With Events API enabled, this app capture events to a server and sends them directly to the TikTok server, through TikTok Events API. Data is still tied to your pixel, just that the method is different. No longer relying on the browser = fewer missing events.


3. Facebook Pixel & Tiktok Pixel

Are you tired of the many factors that hinder the success of your marketing efforts like ad blockers, and cookie blockers, and now are IOS 14 restrictions on pixel tracking? Don’t panic, Socialpixel has got your back.

Socialpixel is an app that is designed to help e-store owners easily manage multiple Facebook pixels and TikTok pixels, and build custom & lookalike audience lists to optimize their digital campaigns. This app uses server-side tracking events (aka Conversion API tracking), which helps to improve the accuracy of your Facebook pixel and TikTok pixel tracking by capturing data that would be lost if relying on browser events alone.


4. TikTok Pixel & Facebook Pixel

Zoex is a simple and powerful tool to connect multi pixels from Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest(Soon), Snapchat(Soon) & more.

Zoex support multiple pixels to safeguard your data with different ad accounts or business managers. Also, multi pixels is great for a general store with a couple of niches that need a pixel to track different niches. Same as for Facebook Conversion API, Zoex is providing the same solution for iOS updates with TikTok Conversion API. So don’t worry about missing valuable data. Install multiple Facebook pixels & TikTok pixels with just one click without the need to do complicated coding.


5. TixelTracker ‑ TikTok Pixel

TixelTracker is the perfect solution to keep track of ads and sales for Tiktok ads. It includes multiple handy tools to help you make sense of your campaigns.

Pixel Management

  • Manage multiple pixels, enable or disable them
  • View stats of your performance by any date range

Ad Dashboard

  • Track your campaign and Asset performance.
  • ROAS calculation.

Tag builder

  • Quickly build URLs for your ads. 


6. Tiktok Pixel Tag ‑ TikTag

This app will implement your Tiktok pixel tag in just one one 1-click. All you have to do is to enter your Tiktok ID and it will take care of everything else.

Once installed and enter your Tiktok pixel ID, the app will implement your Tiktok base pixel cross-site, and also the app will implement the right Tiktok pixel event for each type of page the user visits it could be the product page, collection page, add-to-cart, checkout and etc. You can easily create a list of audiences to target the visitors that have a higher probability to convert and purchase. Also, you can create a list of audiences from your loyal customers and offer them an upsell or cross-sell, get your customers to come back to your store for more sales.


7. TikTok Ads Pixel Installer

This app allows you to add TikTok Tracking Pixel to your Shopify store in JUST a few clicks. You will have access to basic tracking events as well as payment tracking events.

TikTok measures ads’ effectiveness comprehensively on behalf of the owner by defining a series of events and tracking user actions on websites. It measures the performance and conversions based on the defined events of the filter. The optimization goals, the auction system automatically covers users more likely to take key actions. This optimization helps the system target potential users who will likely do more on your website. Such action may include registering, carting, or payments. This helps in remarketing. Data is collected, then you can access a Custom-Made audience based on engagement and where they dropped off in the tunnel.


8. Pixk ‑ Tiktok pixel installer

Pixk allows you to get the most out of your TikTok Ads by allowing you both to install multiple All main/backup TikTok Pixels, and also to associate TikTok Pixels to specific collections in your store with a few clicks. You will then be able to track all conversion events. The app works perfectly with any theme you are using. You can check it for yourself! Purchase events are fired only one time on the thank you page. You will be able to keep copies of your TikTok Pixel data in the unfortunate case your TikTok Ad account gets disabled.

The app will implement automatically your TikTok base pixel cross-site, and also the app will implement the right TikTok pixel event for each type of page the user visits or interacts with, it could be the Home page, collection page, product page, add-to-cart, checkout events, etc.


9. Magic TikTok Pixel

As TikTok grows in advertising, having a tracking system will help you stay on top of your advertising methods and sales. Have the analytics you need right at your fingertips to help increase and recover lost profits.

Magic TikTok Pixel will analyze your ads and determine which ones are working the best. You will have access to basic tracking events as well as payment tracking events.


10. TikTok Multi Pixels

This is an app that helps track all your TikTok data with an easy setup. See exactly which promoted TikTok Ads are working with your new TikTok pixel. Moreover, it helps recover the lost sales by Retarget audiences. Target on TikTok down based on product views, add to carts, checkouts, and engagement.


  • Automatic event triggering! E-Commerce events will be triggered automatically.
  • The Pixel is now embedded within the theme files – so the pixel loads lightning fast.
  • Get smart insights on your TikTok Ads by adding a tracking pixel to your store in just a single click.
  • You will be able to install Multiple Collection TikTok Pixels.
  • A collection pixel will fire only for the products that are part of that collection. 


11. Switch TikTok Pixel

TikTok is one of the most trending social platforms. It is a powerful tool for you to promote your products through short videos and drive sales.‌ Switch TikTok Pixel helps you install your TikTok pixel in a simple way. Just enter the pixel ID, and you’re done.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • No need for technical background.
  • Track events on every page including thank you / order page.
  • Lightweight. 


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