The Best Shopify Web Push Notification Apps

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Push Notifications are a compelling and straightforward form of communication for online stores. These notifications do far more than update subscribers about new offers and promotions. Push notifications have proven to be better than email marketing at re-engaging previous store visitors and converting them into customers.

Like most things Shopify there are dozens of apps you can use to accomplish a task. Adding push notifications to your online store is no different.

Below we look at 12 different Shopify push notification apps, so you can find the right app for your Shopify store.

1. Web Push Notification


This app helps to webpush notifications:

  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Price drop
  • Back in stock
  • Shipping
  • Welcome

2. Smart Push Marketing ‑ WebPush


Smart Push Marketing is built to help you recapture your lost sales, generate new traffic and boost sales.

Smart Push Marketing not only recovers abandoned checkouts, but also has an algorithm to recover the large number of abandoned carts. Automatically send notifications to convert them into sales.

In addition, Smart Push Marketing can deliver your promotions to your subscribers at an appropriate time in their time zone. You can also configure campaigns so that subscribers receive notifications at the time of day when they subscribed to your store. These are the times when they are active and able to take immediate actions. This makes it more convenient for your subscribers to place orders with your store, hence boosting sales.

The app auto-segments subscribers into groups such as price sensitive group, frequent visitor group, win-back group, etc. You can create targeted campaigns accordingly. For example, you can send “price sensitive group” and “price insensitive group” different discount codes to maximize sales.

3. SMS, Email, Web Push ‑Firepush


Firepush is an all-in-one remarketing app covering four major channels in one single dashboard to help you reach your customers easily. Through automated email, web push, SMS marketing campaigns, Firepush helps to speed up your sales growth and retarget customers.

Firepush helps you improve your service and retain customers. Using ‘win-back customer’ campaigns, you can extract more value from existing customers, helping to increase their lifetime value to your Shopify business.

Types of web pushes messages you can send:

  • Abandoned cart alerts
  • Welcome messages
  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery updates
  • Promotional messages
  • New product launches
  • Review requests
  • Wish list pushes
  • Special offer countdown or price drop messages
  • Loyalty discount messages
  • Back in stock notifications

4. HeyDay Web Push Notifications


This app sends native notifications to clients based on their activity and search preferences. The platform has a Smart Segmentation Engine, which handpicks a personalized content and delivers it right to the client, showing them exactly what they like to see.

It allow each publisher to gain access to new revenue streams by providing engaging ads, instead of constantly showing generic ads that will annoy and bother the clients. Each time a notification will show up, it will be based on the exact preferences personalized per the client search activity.

5. Better Web Push Notifications


Ecomfit Better Web Push Notifications provides a new and better way to help you convert more customers and increase 175% revenue. This app helps to send instant notifications to the exact customers you want, recover abandoned carts, and bring customers back to the website.

Ecomfit provides the only solution on the market that can help you categorize customers, and send messages to the right audience. Group criteria include traffic sources, viewed products, products in the shopping cart, products purchased & revenue generated.

6. Kanpai Web Push Notifications


Kanpai Web Push Notification allows you to segment your customers and send push notifications to those that you really want.


  • Shopify and Push Notifications play better together. Setup your web push notifications with a simple click.
  • Automated abandoned cart recovery with push notifications. Abandoned carts is one of the biggest problems for store owners. You can easily setup, up to 10 automated push notifications – recover those orders!
  • Stronger Marketing as the competition with web push. Setup your push notification campaigns in minutes and use our advanced customer segments to recover your abandoned carts
  • Measure the success of your push notification campaigns. Get real data about the profitability of your abandoned cart recovery
  • Utilize a complete new Marketing Channel. Push Notifications are very underused at the moment. Recover those abandoned carts with automated push notification campaigns.

7. FREE Web Push Notification


FREE Web Push Notification app for your store PushDaddy works straight out of the box without requiring further setup and will help you with customer retention.

Opting in for push notifications needs just 1 click, making it easy for your visitors to subscribe and easy for you to get more subscribers. You are also able to target both desktop and mobile (Android) visitors by sending them push notifications even after they have left your store. Web push is great for re-targeting.

8. Aimtell: Web Push Notification


Aimtell provides a new way to re-engage your visitors and customers with highly targeted website push notifications.

Aimtell enables visitors to subscribe to websites with just one click. Your visitors don’t need to submit their emails or fill out any forms!

After a visitor subscribes the app automatically track page views, geo-location, items purchased, items added to cart, and tons more. Subscribers can then be segmented based any set of criteria and sent real-time notifications that are delivered to the visitor regardless if they have their browser open.

9. iZooto Web Push Notifications


iZooto is a web push notification app that allows you to engage, retarget and retain users with ready playbooks – automated notifications.

Engage and retarget users with a series of perfectly timed personalized notifications. All of this is automated with ready to use playbooks.

  • Recover Abandoned Carts: Push automated notifications to users who abandon their shopping carts. Urge them to come back and complete checkouts.
  • Welcome Notifications: Extend a warm welcome to your subscribers and create a lasting experience.
  • Back In-stock Alerts: Update users whenever the out of stock products they checked out are available in the store.
  • Price Drop Alerts: Update users whenever the price of the products they checked out drop.
  • Sale Announcements: Announce new product catalogue, flash sales, one time offers and more to engage all users.
  • Reward Loyalty: Delight your frequent shoppers with special offers. Let them know you care about them.

10. Notifier ‑ Smart Web Push


This app helps to send all possible event’s push notification without giving much efforts. Yes, it’s fully automated. Automation applied for various events listed below.

  • Welcome Notification
  • Recover Abandoned Cart
  • Order Shipping Notification
  • Price Drop Alerts
  • Abandoned Browser Recovery
  • Customer Win back
  • Customized marketing campaigns to targeted audience

11. PushEngage Push Notifications


Types of web pushes messages you can send:

  • Recover Abandon Cart: Are you facing cart abandonment issue? You can now easily convert your abandoned cart into sales. With PushEngage you can send customized push notifications to the user at any time interval.
  • Price Drop Alert Campaign: A drop-in price is a big motivator to shop. Activate the campaign in a single click and auto-update the user.
  • Inventory Alert Campaign: Increase conversions using the inventory alert campaign. Auto-update user when the product is back in stock using the inventory alert campaign. Activate the campaign in a single click.
  • Send to the Segment: Notification sent to the well-targeted segment lead to higher open rates. We offer 6 different ways of segmenting your customers. Send notification to the targeted segment.
  • Notification In Native Language: Notification sent in native language creates a personal level of communication. PushEngage allows you to send a notification in the native language, thereby taking the personalization to a whole new level.
  • Subscription Opt-In: You can choose from 7 different types of Push Notification Opt-In. You can even select different opt-in for desktop and mobile.
  • Drip Push Notification: Your customer may need more info regarding your product or online store. You can create a series of automated push notifications to nurture your user before converting them into loyal customers.

12. PushAlert ‑ Web Push



Convert lost sales into revenue with automated Abandoned Cart notifications

Recover abandoned carts by reaching out to customers at the right time. PushAlert works in the background even while you sleep to bring lost orders back through automated abandoned cart notifications and increases your sales.

Back In-stock Alerts to draw customers in as soon as your products are available

Get an immediate boost in traffic as soon as you add more stock with automated notifications to your customers and see your high demand products fly off the shelf.

Price-drop Notifications

Bring customers back when your products are on sale at a reduced price to entice them in making a purchase with automated price-drop notifications.

Auto shipment follow-ups

Increase customer engagement with automatic shipment follow-up notifications.

Increase sales with Audience Creator

With advanced segmentation based on geolocation, product names, description you can increase sales by targeting the right customers. Using last time of visit, target your older customers with new offers to bring them back.

Re-target and re-engage customers with Website Push Notifications

Push Notifications are delivered instantly to your customers, even when they are not on your store.

Your visitors can subscribe with just one click without giving away any personal information. PushAlert Web Push works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari (MacOS), Samsung Internet Browser.

With an average click rate of more than 20% (up to 5X more conversion than emails) and instant delivery, push notifications are ideal for sending discounts or starting a flash sale.

Notifications on new Products and Offers

Send push notifications for new products added to the store to instantly get more traffic. You can use our Audience Creator to target customers who have previously purchased or are already interested in the product category to gain maximum conversion.

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