The Best Shopify Payment Reminder Apps

Are you tired of chasing after your customer’s payment manually? Sick of composing several thousand emails to remind customers to pay their unpaid orders? Now, that is no problem. This article will introduce the best Shopify Payment Reminder Apps for you. By using these apps, you will save time and your customers will be happier.

Here is a list of the best payment reminder apps for Shopify in 2021:

1. Payster – Payment Reminder

Payster is an excellent tool if you want to deal with any unpaid orders. After initial setup, it will automatically take care of the rest, and you can just sit back and see how much “lost” revenue is recovered. You can use this app in these cases:

  • You are using an offline payment method like Wire (Bank) Transfer, Cash on Delivery, Boleto, Paytm, Payoneer
  • You are offering deferred (delayed) payments due later that are generating orders with an outstanding balance (to be available soon)
  • You are editing orders and adding items that require additional payment.
  • Or If you are using local pickups, you can remind customers to pick up the order.


2. Kindly ‑ Payment Reminder

This is an app that helps automatically remind your customers to pay their invoices and satisfy your customers with earlier shipping of their ordered products.



  • Remind customers to pay their pending order
  • Create multiple reminders in one reminding process
  • Create an email template (HTML)
  • Use template variables to make your email feel more personal (name, email, etc).
  • Make global or order specific settings
  • Automate the reminding process
  • Schedule each reminder individually
  • Schedule first reminder immediately
  • Cancel an order after reminding process finished
  • New Specials (coming soon)
  • Create different templates for each reminder

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