The Best Shopify Merge Orders Apps

Merge customer orders, save on shipping costs and encourage customers to buy more without worrying about extra shipping expenses! It will also be saving them the time of tracking and managing multiple orders.

Shopify allows you to edit the customer order. So you can do that manually. But you can use the Merge Orders apps for Shopify, it will make it easier for you.

Here is the list of the best Shopify Merge Orders Apps in 2021:

1. Order Merger | Combine orders

This a Shopify apps that help order management automation edit orders combine orders & save.

With Order Merger you can choose when 2 (or more) orders should be merged to a single order, notify the customer, and possibly even refund some of the shipping costs to your customer. Powerful automation for powerful stores.

You can also control what to do with the previous orders, and the new orders and add some notes or tags to each and every order associated with the merge.

Key features for order merging

  • Merge orders with matching customer ID + shipping address
  • Based on fulfillment status
  • Consolidate orders based on location
  • Based on customer tag
  • Based on the order tag
  • Based on the time between orders
  • Based on order financial status
  • Based on the shipping address
  • Based on carriers
  • Notify the customer about merged orders via email
  • Simple and easy-to-use order manager!


2. Mergify: Merge, Combine Orders

Mergify is a tool that helps you with merging multiple orders from the same customer into one order to reduce unnecessary shipping costs.

With Mergify you can:

  • Automatically merge orders based on your defined rules
  • Get merging suggestions
  • Select orders manually and merge them into an order or a draft order
  • Refund unused shipping rates
  • Send a customized email to your customer and notify them of the new merged order
  • Set new order value to 0 to avoid disrupting store analytics
  • Have control over what happens to the original orders and merged output
  • Verify merge settings by draft order creation


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