The Best Shopify Collection Manager Apps

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Welcome to our guide on the best Shopify Collection Manager apps! Managing collections is a crucial aspect of running a successful online store on Shopify. A well-organized collection can enhance the user experience, improve navigation, and boost conversions. However, manually managing collections can be time-consuming and cumbersome. That’s where Shopify Collection Manager apps come in. These powerful tools offer efficient ways to create, organize, and customize collections, allowing you to showcase your products effectively. Whether you’re looking to sort collections based on tags, automate collection updates, or implement advanced filtering options, our curated list of the best Shopify Collection Manager apps will help you streamline your store management and elevate your customer’s shopping experience.

Here is the list of the best Shopify Collection Manager apps in 2024:

1. Innovanet Collection Manager

Enhance your productivity with efficient collection sorting and management tools. Collection Manager presents itself as a remarkable productivity application designed to maximize your time utilization. Offering a diverse range of sorting and management options for your collections, it empowers you to maintain optimal organization. Furthermore, the app allows you to effortlessly submit personalized feature requests directly from within, ensuring that your specific requirements are met promptly and effectively.

Pricing: $4.65/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 4.3


  • Randomization and intuitive drag & drop sorting let your merchandise quickly.
  • Export and import sort orders using Excel or CSV so you can work offline.
  • Duplicate collections while keeping sort orders intact


2. Ultimate Collection Manager

Unlock the potential of cutting-edge analytics and sophisticated sorting techniques to elevate your collection management experience.

Embrace a realm of possibilities as this application empowers users to effortlessly create and meticulously organize collections using diverse methodologies. Seamlessly leverage the power of automated updates, intelligently driven by dynamic criteria such as “Back in Stock”, “Best Selling for 90 days,” and “New Arrival,” ensuring that your collections remain continuously refreshed and strategically relevant.

Efficiency takes center stage, with the ability to effortlessly export collections to CSV files and seamlessly import data for streamlined updates. Moreover, the flexibility to duplicate or modify existing automated collections adds a layer of agility to your workflow.

Immerse yourself in invaluable insights through our state-of-the-art analytics feature, providing direct visibility into the outstanding performance of your collections.

Pricing: From $4.99/month. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 5.0


  • Create advanced collections and sort them with various sort types
  • Duplicate collections and update rules for existing automated collections
  • Export collections in bulk or create/update collections by importing the file
  • Make the most of your data when creating and sorting your collections


3. ST: Product & Collection Sort

Streamline revenue generation and minimize labor-intensive tasks through automated merchandising solutions for collection pages. This cutting-edge collection merchandiser app leverages advanced data analytics and historical order data to seamlessly organize products on your collection pages, eliminating the need for error-prone and overwhelming manual work. This app provides a range of pre-configured visual merchandising strategies, allowing you to effortlessly captivate your site visitors with a stellar initial experience. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize rule-based strategies based on various parameters such as Tags, Size Variants, Vendor, Product Type, Days since Creation or Publication, Price, Discounts, and more.

Pricing: Free plan available. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 4.9


  • Sort collections by Revenue, Inventory, Newly launched, Variant Availability
  • Pin “Featured” products to the top using the collection manager drag & drop editor
  • Use multi-segment sorting to group & sort daily deals, discounted & new products
  • Automatically push sold-out items to the bottom to improve store conversions
  • Configure product sorting to run on-demand, daily, or at any frequency you choose


4. Collection Merchandiser

Effortlessly access critical product insights, swiftly identify low-stock and out-of-stock items, and effortlessly organize your collections with unmatched efficiency. Put an end to missed sales opportunities and unleash the true potential of your collection pages with the comprehensive capabilities of Collection Merchandiser. This powerful suite of tools empowers you to elevate the merchandising of your category pages to unparalleled heights. Gain immediate visibility into variant stock levels, obtain crucial price information, and more, all at a single glance. Seamlessly relegate low and out-of-stock products to the lower sections of your collection pages, ensuring optimal browsing experiences for your customers. Leverage the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to flawlessly refine and enhance your collection pages, effectively driving conversions and maximizing revenue. Propel your collection pages to new heights of success with the unmatched prowess of Collection Merchandiser.

Pricing: Free

Rating: 4.8


  • See important product information at a glance
  • Quick sort can reorder collection pages based on predefined rules
  • Drag and drop your collection pages to perfection


5. Ablestar Bulk Product Editor

The Shopify app empowers you to confidently edit thousands of products at once. With features like previews, updos, and custom spreadsheets, you can make bulk edits with ease and control. Take back your time, streamline your workflow, and keep your product data up to date. Try Ablestar Bulk Product Editor today and experience efficient product management like never before.

Pricing: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 5.0


  • Visibility and confidence with edit previews, progress, and an undo option
  • Use your own spreadsheets, no need to reformat to a strict specification first
  • Quickly export products to formats like CSV, Excel, and Matrixify / Excelify
  • Dynamically edit your products in bulk with powerful filters and placeholders
  • Use Inventory Sync to keep products updated from Google Drive/Dropbox/FTP/URL


6. IMPEX Collection Import Export

Experience seamless and streamlined collection management through the utilization of a powerful app that enables effortless bulk import and export of collections via CSV files. Introducing MageComp’s Collection Import/Export application, designed to revolutionize the way smart and manual collections are managed with cutting-edge enhancements. Merchants now have the ability to efficiently import and export collections, inclusive of product details, in large quantities, simplifying the process with unmatched convenience. Utilizing the user-friendly, pre-built CSV template, merchants can effortlessly populate the necessary information and seamlessly import the file into their online stores. Furthermore, vendors can easily retrieve comprehensive lists of all products and effortlessly filter out items that are not associated with any collection, ensuring precise and efficient management. Elevate your collection management endeavors to unprecedented levels of efficiency and sophistication, empowering your business with enhanced control and optimization.

Pricing: Free plan available


  • Streamlined procedure for collection management effectively & quickly.
  • Import & export all collection details via CSV file with a single click.
  • Options for retrieving collections data with or without product details.
  • Abstract the list of products from smart & manual collections.
  • Predefined CSV file for fast data insertion & upload to the store’s backend.


7. AI Collection Merchandiser

Unlock the power of automated collection merchandising to enhance both the profitability and aesthetic appeal of your online store. Introducing Entaice, the game-changing solution that effortlessly revolutionizes the merchandising of stores boasting an extensive array of collections and products. Leveraging advanced machine learning capabilities, Entaice seamlessly adapts to your customers’ preferences by analyzing their browsing and purchasing patterns. This dynamic system continuously optimizes your product rankings every two hours, ensuring a personalized and engaging shopping experience. With Entaice, you enjoy unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to strategically promote specific items, boost the visibility of new products, and curate visually captivating product arrangements. The remarkable outcome? A seamless fusion of high sell-through rates and visually captivating, on-brand collection pages that leave a lasting impression, day after day. Best of all, Entaice seamlessly integrates within the Shopify UI, providing you with a streamlined and intuitive experience that effortlessly drives your store’s success.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 4.3


  • Push out-of-stock products to the bottom of your collections
  • Automatically identify and promote trending products to drive sales
  • Continuously adjust product rankings based on inventory and availability
  • Pin, boost, group products, and drive discovery to achieve merchandising goals
  • Access detailed product performance data and export to CSV



In conclusion, when it comes to managing collections on Shopify, there are several outstanding apps available to enhance your online store’s functionality. The best Shopify collection manager apps discussed in this text offer a wide range of features and benefits to streamline the organization, navigation, and presentation of your products. Whether it’s improving searchability, creating custom filters, or optimizing the display of collections, these apps empower merchants to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers. By leveraging the capabilities of these top-tier collection manager apps, Shopify store owners can effectively showcase their products, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive sales, making them invaluable tools for any e-commerce business.

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