The Best Shopify Apps Make Your Blog Look More Professional

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I’ve written an article to introduce you to the list of best Shopify themes for a professional blog. But if you think it’s still not enough yet, then this article is the next part. In this article, I will suggest to you the best Shopify apps that I think will make your blog in Shopify look more professional.

Here is the list of best Shopify Apps help to make your blog look more professional in 2024:

1. It’s Reading Time

This app lets you easily add an estimated reading time to your Shopify blog and posts. The app is plug-and-play, once installed you only need to turn the app on within the settings and it will automatically add the reading time to the beginning of your post’s content. You have the ability to customize the position and color from within the app’s settings.

I’ve also had an article to guide you on how to use it here.


2. Product Widgets

This is a Shopify app that helps you embed a product widget with an order form to any of your blog posts. It is suitable for product introduction articles. It is suitable for product introduction articles. The customers don’t need to redirect to another page to buy. They can buy from this blog post.

This is a free Shopify app built by 2B I/O, that is helping to custom a product order form to embed anywhere on the Shopify store or any platform.

With no programming skills needed, Product Widgets helps you add variant product options to your products, customize your product order form with regularly updated beautiful palettes and fonts to match the style and colors of your brand, and then generate an embeds code that you can copy and paste to the HTML editor of your preferred platform.


  • Combine product options to the product order form, such as variants, vendors, availability, SKU, etc.
  • Update product details on Shopify without editing complicated codes
  • Bulk edit to save time when the number of products is considerable
  • Copy and paste automatically-generated codes to the HTML editor of your chosen webpage that you want to display


3. Related Blog Posts

This app pulls relevant content from your blog to display at the bottom of your posts. That helps to improve reader engagement & SEO.

The Shopify app has full customization options to display your ideal number of suggested posts. Control what and how suggestions are shown.

  • Set the number of related posts to display to improve readership
  • Use the featured image of a blog post to increase the click-through rate
  • Change the text displayed if there are no related posts
  • Determine what blogs to display on (great if you have multiple blogs you want to keep separate)
  • Exclude posts if they use a specific tag
  • Exclude posts from showing as a related post (great to hide one-time promotional posts)
  • Style the related posts so they look exactly how you want

The app is free, fast, and entirely accessible within your Shopify admin. No additional logins to remember.


4. Sunny ‑ Blog Comment Manager

This app makes it incredibly easy to manage and reply to blog comments while blocking spam at the same time.


  • Get every comment emailed to your inbox
  • Approve or mark as spam from the email
  • Reply to the email to create a reply on your blog
  • The commenter is emailed a copy of your response
  • The enhanced spam filter automatically catches 90%+ of spam comments. This is far more effective than standard


5. SEO Blog Optimizer

This app has a clever artificial intelligence that will automatically analyze your blog articles and instantly give you an SEO score to measure your performance. The interface makes it easy, even for non-technical users, to improve SEO and drive more traffic to your website.


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