The best Shopify apps help to remove PayPal express checkout button

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Are you tired of the big yellow Paypal button that appears on the shopping cart or checkout page? The PayPal payment button in your shopping cart and checkout page may make your visitors believe that you only accept PayPal as a payment method. If a visitor uses the PayPal payment button, they will not be able to add a promo code or view delivery information before validating the payment. This can slow him down in his ordering process. This can therefore increase the rate of abandoned carts.
 It doesn’t really help if customers don’t want to pay with PayPal.

Many Shopify customers do ask for this feature. But they don’t really know how to remove it. Don’t worry, these Shopify apps help you to do that.

Here is a list of the best Hide Paypal Button Shopify Apps:

1. HideOut

This app does the work for you, with easy interface removing the PayPal button is just a one-click process. No need to interfere with your theme codes, or files. Just install this app and it will do the trick for you. It will then automatically remove the PayPal button in cart page which means you can still have that PayPal payment option on your checkout page just for the ease of your customers. Simply install this app. The theme options will appear where you just have to click on the enable button and boom it’s done.


2. Express Checkout Hider

Express Checkout Hider allows you to easily hide the PayPal payment button (and other express checkout alternatives) without deleting PayPal as a payment method.


3. Hide PayPal in Cart

Simply install this app. The PayPal button will be hidden from your shopping cart page immediately. This app works with every free / paid / custom theme that comes with a PayPal button in shopping cart page.


4. CoverUp

CoverUp allows you to hide the PayPal payment button in your shopping cart page and in the product pages. Without deleting PayPal as a payment method.


5. Paymentiyo: Hide Other Payment

App hides all payment options(Paypal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay) or whichever you want to can hide payment options base on customer tag if you want to or you can hide for all customers.


6. Cart Conversion Boost

The app simply hides the payment options until the user has entered all details and sees the shipping costs. This is a must have app for any ecommerce store owner who does not want to fumble around in the code – and is compatible with every theme and other apps


7. Hider

This app is compatible with all themes for desktop and mobile. As long as your free/paid/custom theme has a Paypal button in the shopping cart page, this app hides it immediately so your customers can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.


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