The Best Shopify Apps for Your Online Jewelry Store

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You have a gems and jewelry store on Shopify. If you are looking for tools to add features to improve to your online store, then you have to see these Shopify apps. These Shopify apps are perfect for jewelry stores because they add a lot of useful features to your business.

Here is a list of the best Shopify apps for selling jewelry and gems:

1. Jewelry Solutions

This app provides a friendly experience for customers and more sales can be converted while simplifying jewelers’ internal processes, supporting retailers and wholesalers.

Everyone is integrated. Everything is integrated. Jewelers will be able to import and manage products, orders, customers, inventory, billing, marketing and reports in one place only, while physical stores will also be able to integrate everything with the Shopify native POS system


2. GemFind Jewelry Product APIⓇ

GemFind Jewelry Product APIⓇ app will allow jewelry sellers to tap in to vendors data subscribed to JewelCloud to import their data in to Shopify. Access to vendors data is double permission and the vendor has to grant access in order for the data to be synced to the website. This tool can also be used for Jewelry POS integration through JewelCloud as well.

  • Seamlessly Configuration
  • Double permission system
  • Easily expand jewelry inventory
  • POS Integration
  • Direct contact to Manufacturers and Designers
  • Vendor data subscription
  • Data sync permission to the vendor
  • Subscription to JewelCloud platform required


3. Jewelfie

Jewelfie is an innovative way of creating the same experience in your online stores. With Jewelfie you can get best of store and online environments!

Jewelfie app adds a virtual trial room to your online store. It creates “try” buttons next to the “buy” for the digital catalogue. Customers are then directed to Jewelfie app where they can try necklaces, earrings and pendants on their selfies. Customers can create and maintain up to 5 different looks on which they can try jewelry online. Customers can save their images with the jewelry as a “Jewelfie”. Ability to compare Jewelfies side-by-side can help customers decide the right product which looks good on them. Customers can return to the buying cart and complete their purchase by clicking on “buy” from the Jewelfie module.


4. GemFind DiamondLinkⓇ

DiamondLinkⓇ by GemFind expands your online inventory allowing you to display and sell virtual diamonds to your potential customers. DiamondLinkⓇ automatically connects retailers with top US diamond suppliers through our proprietary platform JewelCloud Network or we can connect and add a Rapnet, IDEX or Polygon data feed (membership required).

Serving the jewelry industry since 1999, GemFind the Premier Technology Solution Provider is a leader in vendor-managed virtual inventory. For the first time, Shopify store owners have the opportunity to seamlessly showcase loose diamonds on their websites.

While the DiamondLinkⓇ technology was first pioneered by GemFind back in 2001, it has since evolved to help create a new dynamic tool built specifically for Shopify store owners, who can take advantage of the technology that has been a critical contributor to the success of many online and jewelry businesses.

DiamondLinkⓇ seamlessly integrates with Shopify for a quick and direct setup.

DiamondLinkⓇ technology provides retailers full control over selecting the diamond suppliers they want to work with as well as uploading your inventory. This state-of-the-art diamond search technology allows users to search and find certified or lab-grown loose diamonds of any shape, size, color, and clarity. Diamonds can be marked up based on the cost or size and consumers can make purchases directly through the Shopify shopping cart.


  • Data is updated to give real-time pricing
  • Add your own markup dynamically based on size or cost
  • Add your own diamonds
  • Supports videos and images
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly
  • Ability to track clicks and conversions with complete reporting and Analytics
  • Change the slide color and hover color for a personalized look
  • Filters to sort options like Cut, Price, Polish, color, etc.
  • User-friendly, easy-to-understand results
  • Seamless, direct integration with Shopify
  • Facebook App is also available
  • Pixel tracking
  • Detail report section availability
  • Currency Conversion available


5. Lololooks | Virtual Try‑On

After installing Lololooks, set buttons and background colors that suits the brand. You can change the icon, background color, and text color of a button.

Once Lololooks is installed, a virtual try-on button appears on both PC and mobile devices. AI Lolo analyzes and recommends new products based on what the customers tried on. With one selfie that shows both ears, virtual try-on is possible for any product.


6. Swan: Online Ring Sizer

The app that makes it possible for a website visitor to measure their ring size online!

The app makes it possible for your site visitors to find their ring size without leaving the website. Add the Online Ring Sizer Page where you need it, as see the magic happens.


  • Online store ring sizer measurement tool
  • Color customization
  • Designated online ring sizer page
  • Floating button option only for products (rings)
  • Ring measurement in mm / inches
  • Personal and instant customer support


7. BriteCo Insurance Quote Tool

BriteCo is an insurance technology company that provides best-in-class A+ rated jewelry insurance coverage for retail jewelry customers. BriteCo deploys advanced technology tools, algorithms, and predictive models to help jewelers verify product values, produce accurate appraisals, and create sale certificates for consumers. BriteCo works with industry leaders in technology, insurance, and jewelry retail.

The BriteCo insurance integration incorporates a completely free insurance quote into the Shopify shopping cart and/or thank you page. The insurance offering provides consumers with an instant insurance quote upon a purchase to gives consumers the piece of mind that their new valuable is insured and protected. BriteCo helps online retails provide a seamless and superior customer experience. Additionally, approved online retailers receive a referral bonus per every completed transaction. Not only is the experience delightful for your customer but this integration adds directly to your bottom line.


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