The best Shopify apps for selling tickets to events

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Shopify is an exceptional option for ecommerce professionals looking for more control over their online stores. But it doesn’t have any features for selling tickets. That’s why we want to explore the best Shopify apps for selling tickets to events.

The cool thing about ticket sales apps is that you have lots of options. Therefore, keep reading to learn more about our favorite Shopify apps for selling tickets, and feel free to demo all of them until you find the one that works best for you.

1. Evetix


This is a Shopify apps that helps to sell event tickets on your site and deliver them to your buyers digitally. With Evetix, you can add your Shopify Products as Events and then sell them as you do any other product. Create as many ticket types as you need (for example General Admission or VIP), and set a price and quantity for each. When a customer makes a purchase, they are automatically sent their ticket PDF via email, with a unique ID number and scannable QR code.

2. Evey Event Management


This is a Shopify apps that helps to sell tickets to your event.


  • E-Tickets: With Evey, your attendees will receive an E-ticket when they purchase a ticket to your event. You can customize the appearance and create multiple ticket types if you have a multi-level pricing structure, and you can even create group tickets if you have group discounts. Ticket formats include PDF, Passbook, and iCal.
  • Attendee Management: Manually add attendees or transfer tickets. It allows attendees to manage their own ticket details, such as name and email, for transferring tickets to other people (useful when multiple tickets are purchased by a single customer).
  • Passbook: Evey integrates with Passbook for iOS devices. You can also design the Passbook Ticket with their easy-to-use tools.
  • Import / Export Attendee Data: Need to export your list of attendees? It’s easy with Evey! You can easily export your list of attendees in Excel format or even integrate with MailChimp directly in the app to synchronize your email lists!
  • Check-In Attendees: Keep track of your attendees on the day of your event. With Evey, you can create admin accounts to help check-in attendees using a mobile compatible interface. Here’s what you need to do: Download a free QR code reader for your device; Log into Evey with an admin account for your event; Scan an attendee’s ticket to check them in. This mobile interface also gives you, or anyone you create an account for, access to a live guest list that can be used to manually check-in attendees. Also, if someone tries to use a ticket twice, you will be prompted with the date and time of when the original ticket was first scanned.
  • Customization: Fully customize ticket email templates using the same Liquid template language as your Shopify Store. Also, customize PDF ticket and Passbook appearance with your own branding images and logos!
  • Storefront Customization: All event details are stored as metafields for the Shopify Product, so you can easily use values such as location, longitude, latitude, and start/end dates from the event in your storefront.

3. Vbrite


This app helps to connect Shopify with Eventbrite and make them work together!

Eventbrite is the world’s largest event management and ticketing website. The service allows users to browse, create, and promote local events. The app helps to display your events on Eventbrite and let your customers book their tickets right on your Shopify store. Your customers won’t need to leave your website to book their tickets which means better conversion rates and a smoother experience.

4. Experiences App


This app allows you to host tours, classes, or events seamlessly, from within Shopify’s eCommerce system.


  • Real-time updates to availability: You will enjoy the robust date and time features created for your Shopify store that automatically updates availability with each customer booking. Cancellations and capacity changes are quickly reflected in the customer experience and admin.
  • Installs automagically: The app creates a new page with a special layout to avoid theme conflicts and create a special booking experience for your customers.
  • Automatic reminders: Your customers receive emails when they make their initial booking and also receive an automatic reminder 1 day before the event.

5. Event Calendar App


Event Calendar App is the simplest and most cost-effective way to add an events calendar to your website.


  • Keep things simple: Event Calendar App makes managing your event calendar easy by linking directly to your Google, Apple or Outlook calendar. There’s no complicated admin interface you need to use to add/remove events.
  • Keep your customers updated about your events: Customers can subscribe to your calendar, meaning that your events will appear directly inside of their own calendar. An unbelievably simple way to stay connected to your customers without being intrusive.
  • Fully responsive and adaptable to your site: Event calendar app looks great on your desktop, tablet and mobile site. It also fully adapts to the space that you give it.
  • Sell tickets to your events: Add call to actions with your events and provide people with an easy to use option to buy tickets.
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