The Best Shopify Apps For Displaying VAT Dual Price

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If you want to eliminate product price confusion among B2B and B2C users of your store by displaying dual prices with tax included and excluded, this article is a great solution. The Display VAT Dual Price Apps help you clarify tax deductions and tax rates to appeal to both, the business and individual buyers by show prices with tax. Let the negotiation channel open for businessmen with before-tax product prices. You can personalize the display of dual prices by color, style, position, size ratio, and labels. Choose to display both, before or after-tax product prices or any one of them. Install this app now to grow your business.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps for displaying VAT dual price in 2024:

1. Extendons VAT Dual Pricing

Cheer all your store uses by alluring B2B users with tax-excluded pricing to seek bulk discounts and help individuals to find the final price (tax included) they have to pay. The app gives you the freedom to show dual prices or any one of them. Moreover, the app comes with extensive customization options to help you retain consistency in design despite showing multiple prices. You can modify both tax-included and excluded prices. This app allows the display of dual prices on multiple pages of your store. Maximize its exposure to every user by enabling it on pages.


  • Project Dual Prices – VAT included/excluded
  • Personalize dual-price display
  • Display tax rate in percentage
  • Define product price to be tax included or excluded
  • Choose to display both or any of the dual prices
  • Add Tax Included or Excluded Labels
  • Set size ratio between dual prices


2. T‑Selector (VAT Switcher)

This app allows the displayed price with or without VAT/TAX and lets your customer decide how to see it. Customers will be able to select this on your store. Show your customers that you support both B2B with excl VAT and B2C with incl VAT. You can also use it for oversea price and local prices. Besides that, you can set different tax rules and translate everything in the app for the countries you are selling to.


3. Dual Price Display PRO

If your customers are both B2B and B2C, or if you sell to businesses and individuals, then this App will help you show prices correctly to all your customers.

With this app, you can show both prices on your home page products, catalog products, search products, and also in product details. You can even display both prices for all product variants in product details. Prices are automatically changed after any of the variants are chosen.

If you need to set more tax rules in your store, for example, based on selected country, or customer tags, it’s no problem to set it in-app configuration. For each tax rule, you can set your own tax rate (in percent) and more.


4. Dual Price Display by T2

This app allows you to display prices with and without the tax for all the products. You can choose to include or exclude VAT or GST and show prices as either taxable or non-taxable. It also allows you to customize the display of dual prices by changing their color, margin, and labels. This app is helpful for providing clear pricing information to B2B, B2C and wholesale customers.


5. F: B2B VAT: Display Dual Tax

B2B App to show VAT inclusive and VAT inclusive prices together. Just enable the app block extension and you are good to go. Show Dual Price on the Cart page based on the tax rules you set. Show dual prices on product, collection, and cart pages. You can translate VAT text into GST, ABN, TRN, TIN and etc based on country.



In conclusion, using a Display VAT Dual Price app on your Shopify store is an excellent way to eliminate price confusion and appeal to both B2B and B2C customers. By displaying prices with tax included and excluded, you can provide clarity on tax deductions and rates, allowing for smooth negotiations with business buyers who prefer to see prices before tax. With customization options for color, style, position, size ratio, and labels, you can personalize the display of dual prices to match your store’s branding. We highly recommend installing this app to enhance your business and improve the shopping experience for your customers.

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