How To Create Videos Showcasing Products To Attract Visitors To Your Store Using Promo Video Maker App

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According to survey data, almost 50% of web users look for a video before making a purchase. Just images will not be impressive enough, you need to create powerful videos with amazing effects to show all your products and to make a difference. So how to make such videos from the images available on your store and then be able to Publish your videos directly to your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter channels to effectively drive traffic back to your store. I will guide you to download and install the Promo Video Maker application in this article.


Click the Install button above and log in to the Shopify store to download the app as shown in this picture.

After successful installation, this interface will appear on your screen. Now, let’s create a video for your store by click “make a video“.

There are many recommended video templates for you. These videos are organized by topic so you can easily choose for example Brand Video, Product Video, Testimonial Video, Occasion Video. You can also choose according to the purpose for which you create the video: Create a video ad, Create a landscape video, Create a Story video…After you have selected the appropriate video template for you, click Next.

This step is quite important, you need to clearly determine which products are mainstream, need to be introduced to your customers to contribute to the creation of the video. The Promo Editor will create video options of your selected product for you to choose and edit.

It’s time to unleash your creativity. You can customize items such as Text, Media, Color, and Music.

  • Text: Here, you will name each of your photos. These texts will display the name of each image separately when playing the video.


  • Media: This is the section that will help customers identify their brand. You will have to add your logo and website address. It will show up at the end of the video.

  • Color and Music: you can choose the main color to display your favorite video player and Music to integrate your video.

Once you’ve finished your video, don’t forget to save it. You can publicly share your product demonstration videos on social networks. With Promo Video Maker, it is easier than ever to make professional videos in a matter of minutes.

I hope this article will helpful for you!

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