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Efficient inventory management stands as the backbone of successful e-commerce, especially during the frenetic pace of Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM). Catering to the demands of Shopify store owners grappling with perpetual inventory challenges, the need for streamlined, effective solutions is paramount. As the surge of BFCM approaches, the stakes get higher, demanding meticulous stock handling, organization, and customer satisfaction. Fortunately, the solution lies within a realm familiar to modern entrepreneurs: apps.

The Best Shopify Apps For Better BFCM Inventory Management” addresses this crucial need. These apps are designed to offer a lifeline amidst the chaos, ensuring seamless operations during the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Automating low stock alerts, deciphering customer purchasing patterns, and facilitating inventory forecasting, these apps serve as indispensable tools to evade stockouts and maintain a competitive edge. Discover the technological arsenal at your disposal for an optimized BFCM experience.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps for better BFCM inventory management in 2024:

1. Stockbot Inventory Forecasting

Maximize your inventory management efficiency by accurately forecasting customer demand and precisely determining reorder quantities. This comprehensive app is a singular solution offering advanced inventory forecasting and tracking functionalities at a competitive cost. Tailored to forecast replenishment quantities, recognize slow-moving items, and establish low stock alerts across store, product, and variant levels, it’s a game-changer.

Precise forecasting not only prevents dead stock and pilferage but also avoids the capital tie-up caused by overstocking and excessive warehouse occupation. By automating tasks that would otherwise require multiple individuals, this app ensures ease of setup and operation, delivering substantial time and cost savings.

Embrace this solution to revolutionize your inventory management practices, ensuring optimal stock levels and efficient operations while minimizing unnecessary expenses.

Pricing: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.


  • Forecast Replenishment Quantities
  • Identify slow-moving products
  • Set alerts at store, product, variant level
  • Get Daily/Hourly/Weekly emails
  • Realtime Web Report


2. Inventory Planner Forecasting

Inventory Planner stands as the premier forecasting solution designed explicitly for e-commerce and multichannel merchants. Offering an unparalleled combination of precise forecasting, comprehensive analysis, and user-friendly inventory reporting, it empowers retailers to make strategic and informed decisions regarding replenishment.

Upon installation and integration with your sales channels, Inventory Planner seamlessly synchronizes your sales history. Leveraging additional data such as vendor lead time, the platform automatically generates an accurate and tailored forecast for your business. Its functionality transcends mere forecasting; it acts as a shield against revenue loss caused by stockouts, prevents unnecessary capital tie-ups in safety stock and underperforming products, and optimizes the overall cash flow.

Embrace Inventory Planner as your go-to solution, elevating your inventory management to an unprecedented level of sophistication and precision. Make astute decisions backed by data-driven insights to ensure sustained growth and profitability in your retail operations.

Pricing: $249.99/month


  • Reliable, data-led demand forecasting of sales/inventory
  • Intuitive, customizable reporting of inventory performance
  • Release cash from overstock of slow-moving products/safety stock
  • Save time creating Purchase Orders
  • Set alert levels for your entire store or each product so you know when to order


3. TPOP Print on Demand

Engaging in e-commerce while championing values that prioritize environmental consciousness is not just a possibility; it’s a reality with TPOP.

Unveil TPOP, the pioneering sustainable Print on Demand solution. This platform offers an effortlessly navigable interface that enables you to establish your own brand in mere minutes while reveling in an extensive array of organic products. Elevate your brand further by aligning it with eco-friendly values through the use of plastic-free packaging.

Delight your clientele with superior-quality prints, swift shipping, and unparalleled customer support, ensuring their utmost satisfaction. Your brand’s reputation deserves nothing short of excellence, and TPOP’s print-on-demand service is the catalyst that propels your brand toward achieving that unparalleled standing.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.


  • A fully automated print-on-demand service to help you sell without worries
  • There are numerous options to send packages customized with your brand’s colors
  • High-quality printing thanks to the best machines in the market
  • Products that are always in stock, ready to be printed with love
  • Plastic-free and fast shipping print on demand, within 48 hours on average


4. MB Low Stock Alert

Maintain absolute control over dwindling stock levels by effortlessly configuring instant alerts, ensuring a more astute inventory management approach.

Seize every sales opportunity and evade the risk of overlooking low-stock items. This application is a game-changer for merchants, streamlining and accelerating the process of automating low-stock alerts, and seamlessly keeping your entire team informed about newly identified low-stock products via email. Stay ahead with timely email notifications following a preset schedule, highlighting inventory that falls below or matches your specified threshold.

Enhance your inventory oversight, preventing potential sales losses and ensuring that your team remains consistently informed and prepared to take swift, proactive measures in the dynamic retail landscape.

Pricing: Free plan available. 5-day free trial.


  • Receive notifications according to the configured schedule daily/weekly
  • Location-based alerts – track low stock inventory only for specified locations
  • Create alerts for variants, collections, or all products
  • Send alerts to multiple recipients to be on the same wave as your team
  • Adjust thresholds for each product separately or using handy bulk actions


5. iAlert ‑ Low Stock Alert

Effortlessly set up automated low-stock notifications for products or variants, ensuring timely alerts via email or Slack.

For store owners, customer retention is key, and overlooking stock shortages can lead to losing valuable customers. The Low Stock Notifier offers a robust solution, enabling retailers to automate alerts for low-stock product variants through configurable, powerful rules. Utilize the application to trigger notifications to relevant stakeholders for low-stock products/variants via email or Slack. By establishing stock thresholds at either a store-wide level or individual product/variant levels, this tool ensures that critical inventory levels are consistently monitored, safeguarding against potential customer dissatisfaction due to stock unavailability.

Pricing: From $2.99/month. 14-day free trial.


  • Automate sending emails or Slack alerts for low-stock products/variants.
  • Automate attaching CSV files of Low-Stock-Items to Emails.
  • Create multiple notifiers as per location or different use cases.


6. Low Inventory Alert Guru

Simple and user-friendly, this system requires no coding, script installations, or intricate rule configurations. Receive automatic notifications upon inventory levels dropping below your predefined thresholds. Whether you need to alert one or multiple email addresses, the notification can be customized to include a CSV file, facilitating easy identification of products requiring immediate attention. This seamless process ensures swift and informed action, optimizing your inventory management without any technical complexities.

Pricing: From $6.95/month. 14-day free trial.


  • Track low inventory for all your Shopify locations, including POS & warehouses
  • Set alerts by product, collection, variant, or storewide
  • No complex rules are needed to create alerts. No coding
  • Run a report on demand or schedule it. Bulk set alerts.
  • Send alerts to multiple recipients when you want


7. Appikon ‑ Back In Stock

Revitalize sales and engage customers through waitlists and automated alerts, reclaiming lost opportunities!

Experience the power of Appikon’s Back in Stock app, designed to seamlessly notify customers when once-unavailable products return. Enhance customer satisfaction, elevate sales, and automate inventory oversight using back-in-stock alerts. The waitlist feature ensures customers always stay informed about restocked favorites, while comprehensive reporting tools provide valuable insights into both new and existing product demand. Embrace the Appikon Back in Stock alerts to rekindle sales and foster stronger connections with your customer base, harnessing the potential of every restocked item to its fullest extent.

Pricing: Free plan available. 7-day free trial.


  • Automatic back-in-stock notifications & back-order reminders via email and SMS
  • Set up your back-in-stock alert in less than 2 minutes, no coding is required
  • The signup form and notifications are 100% customizable and compatible with all themes
  • Use back-in-stock alert analytics to understand customer demand for products
  • Generate waitlists for products to make sure you don’t miss out on future sales



In conclusion, the landscape of BFCM poses both a challenge and an opportunity for Shopify store owners. The demand for effective inventory management during this high-stakes period necessitates leveraging the best Shopify apps available. These apps are indispensable tools, offering innovative solutions that streamline inventory forecasting, automate alerts, and provide invaluable insights for efficient stock control.

With an array of diverse functionalities, these apps empower businesses to stay stocked, prevent stockouts, and navigate the shopping frenzy seamlessly. By embracing these tools, Shopify store owners can not only maintain optimal stock levels but also enhance customer satisfaction, minimize revenue loss, and optimize their operational efficiency during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

Ultimately, investing in the best Shopify apps for BFCM inventory management is not just a prudent choice; it’s a strategic imperative for businesses aiming to excel in the dynamic and competitive e-commerce landscape. The right tools, utilized effectively, can be the differentiator between success and missed opportunities during this critical sales period.

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