The Best Shopify Anti-War Apps For Supporting Ukraine

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the biggest military attack on a European state since World War II. Its atrocities led to the destruction of civic infrastructure on a very large scale. It has left thousands of residents without shelter or food, left injured residents without access to health care. We should stop it immediately, everyone on the planet should know it and fight against it. For this reason, The Anti-War apps for supporting Ukraine are created. By using these apps, the visitors can understand how to help stop Russian aggression and support Ukraine. Moreover, when installing the app, your store will be provided with a top page ribbon banner that leads people to an official Ukrainian government portal with all different ways to support the country. Stand with Ukraine by installing these great apps.

Here is the list of the best Shopify Anti-War apps for supporting Ukraine in 2024:

1. Help Ukraine Widget

Your store can help stop cruel WAR. Put the Help Ukraine widget on your store and help stop the cruel war against Ukraine. Then, your customers and visitors will know how to help stop Russian Aggression. This widget is linked with trusted official sources to donate and get factual information about the WAR. 


  • Your store visitors will be able to donate only to the official resources of the Ukrainian government.
  • All possible ways to help in one place: volunteering, sharing of trusted information, donations, and support for Ukrainians abroad.
  • The official way to donate. Link to the unified official account in the National Bank of Ukraine, which has been created to support the Ukrainian army.
  • Support Ukraine by other means. Link to the official website of Ukraine. The information is verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Share the truth about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, donate to Humanitarian aid, find information on how to Host Ukrainian refugees, Become a medical volunteer, Cover the news and write about Ukraine and do so much more.
  • Share this widget with your friends and community. The more people will know about the possibilities to help, the more we can actually help Ukraine and save people’s lives. The more views we get – the more people will be saved.


2. Stop War Banner

This is an app that allows you to add an informational banner to your online store with a “Stop War” slogan to help Ukraine resist in an informational way.

Add a banner to your Shopify store and inform your customers all around the world about this. This is not a simple banner – this is a great sign of common support for the Ukrainian people and a symbol of involvement and solidarity as a huge community. By adding this banner you are doing a great thing – you’re helping spread the information about the war worldwide and increase the business community’s awareness of what is happening in Ukraine. Let’s unite and consolidate this help. Become the one who knows the truth and share it with everyone. Together we can stand for peace and our common values like freedom, human rights, and democracy.


3. Slava ‑ Support Ukraine Banner

The world has united in its support of Ukraine to prevent an impending humanitarian crisis that will inevitably affect other countries. Every single donation matters. And you can contribute as well, by making it easy for indifferent people to donate to an official fund set by the Ukrainian government.

Install the app and your store will be provided with a top page ribbon banner that leads people to an official Ukrainian government portal with all different ways to support the country. You can disable the banner in the app settings anytime.


4. Bucha ‑ Support Ukraine

Bucha is a 100% nonprofit app to give you and your customers the option to support Ukraine. It’s a simple and free way to show your customers that you care about helping Ukraine as much as they do. It takes just 5 minutes to set up with no coding required!


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