The Best Popup Video Apps For Shopify

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As we know, display product videos, product testimonials, or social proof videos are the best tool that helps significantly boost conversion rates. But how based on your customer’s journey, these videos are displayed at the right time, at the right moment, to the right audience? You can display these video widgets on your website as fast as you can take a sip of your coffee when you get to know these amazing apps.

Here is the list of the best popup video apps for Shopify in 2024:

1. Vidjet ‑ Popup Videos

Vidjet is Shopify’s first no-code video widget tool, specially designed to give your customers an engaging, non-intrusive experience on your website. The video widget/pop-up format of this app suits any website. It doesn’t impact the seamless flow of your website (the app does not affect your Shopify theme) and doesn’t interrupt the customer journey. Moreover, this app helps personalize the customer experience with thank you videos or discount offers with a perfectly timed pop-up.

The benefits of this app:

  • Increased conversion rates – When visitors land on your website and see a friendly face to relate to, you gain their trust and increase their willingness to buy.
  • A better understanding of products – Show products through demo videos or product review videos to increase willingness to buy.
  • First mover advantage – Be the first over your competitors to increase your brand recognition.


2. Shoppable videos & Popup video

EmbedEasy is a platform that enables you to embed interactive & shoppable video stories on your website. No coding is required. Just like Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat, your website visitors can now experience interactive, bite-sized content. Shoppable videos are just like typical videos but the difference here is you could buy or get to know more about the products/services that are being shown in the videos.


3. VideoFy

Based on human relationships, good ones lead to more loyalty, popup videos serve the same purpose, that’s why Videofy was created which is a no-coding simple app that makes creating popup videos is an easy task. This app will be a powerful tool to use in your business campaigns with more promising conversion rates; a tool that has proven its efficiency.


Create campaigns:

  • Upload a video.
  • Add button (Copy Coupon button or link button).
  • Adding rules to show a model on a specific page (s) or all pages.
  • Trigger to show page (on scroll, before exiting a page, or even after a given delay).


  • Impression (user’s reaction to your videos).
  • Count the number of clicks on the copy Coupon.
  • The average period of watching your campaign videos. 


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