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Gift Messages is a revolutionary and unique approach to the challenges of providing gift messaging and vouchers for eCommerce stores. Online gifting has become an essential way to stay connected with loved ones, and these great apps will help simplify gift messaging by sending paperless, automated gift messages once the parcel has been delivered and vouchers directly to recipients. Entice gift recipients to shop with direct engagement opportunities build into each experience. Install now and enjoys the benefits that it brings.

Here is the list of the best Shopify personalized gift messages apps in 2024:

1. Lovely ‑ Audio Gifts Messages

Lovely allows your customers to add an emotional component to their orders that will help boost your customer retention and brand loyalty. Audio gifts on your store can be free or you can configure them on the app as a paid service to increase your AOV.

When your customers record their audio gifts they will be able to customize them with a digital card to match their gifting event so that they can enhance the listening experience for their recipient with a fun and personal touch. Lovely is fully integrated with Shopify so that you can offer audio gifts with no impact on your existing operations.


2. Video Greet ‑ QR Gift Messages

This is a new and exciting way to let your customers add a personal touch to gifts. In just a few minutes, your customers will be able to add a video message to their order. It can be a free add-on, or you can decide to treat it as an upsell with your set price, unlocking a new revenue stream.

Easily add a button to your cart and product pages, and customize it to be completely branded with your store. Then, with the click of a button, your customers will be able to add a video message to their order. VideoGreet does not interrupt your checkout flow — customers upload their video messages after they checkout. An email is automatically sent with a link to a recording page that has your logo and brand color.


3. Gift Messages & Vouchers

Giftnote enables your customers to purchase and send branded gift vouchers and cards directly to their loved ones via SMS and Email. Besides that, it allows you to communicate directly with your real customer, the gift receiver, and encourages continued engagement with your brand. Giftnote messages are stored securely and sent to the gift recipient via SMS and Email within 30 minutes of their parcel being delivered.


4. Gift Wrap & Gift Message

The Giftit app is a great way for nice merchants like you to increase your customers and make more money. Giftit lets you add specific gift options like wrapping paper, gift boxes, candles, jewelry, flowers, etc. to your store product list. So, the customers can choose one or more products as well as their gift options, attach an appropriate message, or even register their request to remove the price tag when shipping. This affordable app with its super-friendly UI can increase your sales in addition to providing a good user experience for your customers.


5. Video Gift Messaging

The Video Gift Messaging App gives your store’s customers the ability to add personalization to each order through the submission of a secure video message. This video is delivered to the gift recipient through a unique QR code that can be viewed countless times for a truly memorable gifting experience.

The Video Gift Messaging App works seamlessly with your Shopify store regardless of your current theme architecture and fulfillment methodology. The App can be integrated via Manuel, App Blocks, or App Embed depending on your store’s preference. Every component of the app and video experience is completely customizable to allow for complete store ownership.


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