The best Google Chrome extensions to customize metafield for Shopify

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Shopify has a somewhat hidden feature called Metafields. You can use metafields to add custom fields to objects such as products, customers, and orders. Metafields are useful for storing specialized information, such as part numbers, customer titles, or blog post summaries. They can be used by apps and channels to track data for internal use.

On Shopify App store has many apps support you add, edit and remove metafields for products, articles, orders, blogs, customers, collections. But almost are not free. If you want to save money, you can try with some the below Google Chrome extensions.

1. ShopifyFD Dashboard Tool

ShopifyFD adds features – such as metafield editing – to the Shopify Dashboard.¬†This tool does not auto-run (intentional choice) so you’ll need to activate it when you want awesomeness.


  • Inline metafield editor. No longer do you need to open another window to edit your Metafields. Everything happens within the dashboard, on the same page.
  • Bulk Metafield updates
  • Copy and Paste shipping rates
  • One click backup for page and products
  • Jump to open orders with a single click
  • Quick remove all / add all tags on product page
  • Show Variant IDs in product listing
  • Purge HTML from RTE
  • Save image paths to a metafield
  • Jump to page menu for quick page switching
  • Adjusted layout for better space usage
  • Shortcut buttons for regular tasks
  • Copy and paste metafields between products
  • Bulk asset upload
  • Show SKU on product page
  • Get recent order emails
  • Show order details on hover

2. MetaFields App

The MetaFields application now provides you with a seamlessly integrated interface within your Shopify admin dashboard to add, manage, import, and export metafields for nearly everything & the shop itself, collections, products, product variants, customers, orders, blogs, & pages!

This extension will add a new link to your Shopify admin dashboard called MetaFields which you can use to display the new screens of this application.

3. Shopify Metafields Master by NextGenLabs

Metafields Master Extension helps Shopify store owners to customize meta fields for products, articles, orders, blogs, customers, collections etc.

4. Custom Fields for Shopify

This extension will help Shopify store owners edit content easier by using Custom Fields.

It’s assumed that the metafields (that this tool needs) are already created. Depending on your technical skills you may need to talk to your theme developer to add these for you.

5. Shopify Custom Fields

This extension makes it super easy to edit your custom fields directly from Shopify, without having to use a separate app site.

More about Custom Fields:

  • Attach your own fields to your products, collections, blogs, pages & orders
  • Add extra images, upload files, embed videos, and more. Turns Shopify into a customizable Content Management System.
  • Use as the foundation for your theme customizations or to display extra info cleanly and consistently

What kind of fields do you get?

  • Images with image editor
  • File Uploads
  • Product References – Use info from any referenced product in your templates
  • Embed code – Youtube, Vimeo, javascript snippets, etc.
  • Link
  • Text fields – Use select lists, checkboxes and more
  • Number Lists – Use select lists, checkboxes and more
  • HTML fields – includes a WYSIWYG editor
  • Date – Including time, format any way you want.
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Checkbox
  • Select List
  • Numbers
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