The Best AI Fashion Styling Apps For Your Shopify Store

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Most customers shopping online are always clueless about what to buy. Every bit of it seems hard for them to decide which clothes or outfits that are best suitable for them, especially with the sizing options that can be misleading at times. Now, your customers will not have to spend more time choosing the right products, all with just 1 click. Try referring to AI fashion styling Apps for the Shopify store, shopping will become easier than ever.

Here is the list of the best AI fashion styling apps for your Shopify store in 2024:

1. Koko The Stylist

Koko is an AI-powered styling assistant who helps fashion e-commerce customers find the right products.

Customers open Koko and answer questions related to their style choice and needs, then Koko displays recommenced products based on the retailer’s inventory and customer preferences. Koko is Powered by ML and AI, run by fashion experts around the world, and designed for Local and global fashion eCommerce.


  • One-click set-up and easy to launch
  • Customize the quiz based on your customers’ needs and concerns
  • Personalized product recommendation
  • Increase your revenue
  • 24×7 Support
  • Simple, user-friendly, fun, interactive interface 


2. Ombré – A.I. Fashion Stylist

With the use of Ombré for Shopify, it helps to boost the sales of your business by implementing mass-personalizing to your store, for your customers. Imagine 10 different customers visiting your online store. They will get 10 different customizations as to which clothes to buy. They will feel that your store is exclusively customized to them, based on their physique. Therefore, the Ombré widget provides guidance for your shoppers in determining the suitable clothes or outfits that fits them best.


  • Increased basket size and sale
  • Discover more products
  • Enhance customer satisfaction


3. Intelistyle:AI Fashion Styling

Intelistyle personalizes the customer experience of fashion retailers by styling their customers with the right clothes and outfits for them while optimizing conversion, basket size, and repeat purchase rate. Its AI learns by crawling the web for fashion photography and styles customers based on the latest regional trends, as well as the customer’s body type, hair, skin tone, and personal style.

Intelistyle’s proprietary AI is used by brands such as D&G, MaxMara, Tommy Hilfinger, and Lane Crawford. It currently outperforms academic research and understands customer style preferences so well that it recently outperformed human stylists at London Fashion Week.


  • Complete The Look
  • Fashion Chatbot
  • Visually Similar
  • Fashion Attribute Tags


4. FashionAI

This app will make the virtual fitting room, in other words, it provides you with virtual model fitting to save you the cost of using real models. The style of clothing changes a lot, and the style of seasonal change is updated rapidly, so this app can quickly generate fitting pictures for your new clothes, which will give your goods a head start, keep up with the market trend and bring more orders.

You no longer need to reuse other people’s model pictures, but generate your own fitting pictures, and make your store look more professional with a consistent style.


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