The Best Advanced Cancel Order Apps for Shopify

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Customers can make mistakes when ordering. They might enter the wrong shipping address, want to change order items, or simply just change their mind, and then they will contact your customer support to request a cancellation and each support might take quite some time to respond back. What if the customer can cancel an order on their own, without having to take away precious customer support time? Customers also get instant order cancellation/refund, which increases customer satisfaction and makes them more likely to come back to your store. If you want to integrate this feature into your store, let’s choose one of the following great apps.

Here is the list of the best Shopify cancel order apps in 2024:

1. Order Cancellable

Order Cancellable app allows customers to easily cancel, and reorder any part of an order on their own without having to contact customer support and wait for hours for a reply. This would make your customers happier, reduce customer support workload and potentially reduce chargeback should an order didn’t get fulfilled on time.


Order Cancellable app provides an interface for customers to cancel/edit/reorder on the order status page (thank you page after checkout), and the customer account page that shows order histories. Order Cancellable app can also increase sales by allowing customers to reorder by just clicking the Reorder button.

  • Set fulfillment time and time limit for order cancellation (eg: only can cancel an order within 30 minutes of placing an order)
  • Set cutoff time for cancellation for event ticket product using meta field (eg: can cancel orders until 2 weeks before event day)


2. Enhanced Cancel Order

Enhanced cancel order app will help you to make your customers happy, reduce customer support, and increases your sales. Customer service for canceling orders will be frustrating and higher service response. It will make lower sales and small repeat purchases. The main reason for the use of the Enhanced cancel order app is to cancel an order by customers. This app will help to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the workload on customer support. Customer can easily cancel their order if they want to cancel the order for any reason.


3. XOrder

XOrder lets you enable addon features on the My Account page of the Shopify store through which your customers can edit, cancel and reorder the ordered items. Its order cancellation functionality allows your customers to request order cancellation from my account order page, which can be managed by the Shopify seller from the dashboard of the app. Many customers like their purchased products and want to order again. XOrder app makes it easier for them to reorder items with a single click. Your customers can reorder the individual item and repeat the entire order from their account page.


  • Manage Order feature on order summary page
  • Reorder the entire order and specifically ordered items
  • Edit Quantities of the ordered items
  • Cancellation request feature
  • Item return request
  • User-friendly configuration


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