Superb Shopify Apps For TikTok

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform and offers a creative new way to engage and connect with customers. If you are a shop owner, you should connect with this social to increase your sales.

These are the best Shopify app to work with TikTok:

  1. Magic TikTok Pixel
  2. TikTok Shoppable Feed by Vop
  3. TikShop ‑ TikTok on your store

1. Magic TikTok Pixel


Magic TikTok Pixel is a Shopify app, that helps analyze your ads on Tiktok and determine which ones are working the best. You will have access to basic tracking events as well as payment tracking events.

Once you install Magic TikTok Pixel, it will install the pixel code on your website and you can create what event you would like to track through your TikTok dashboard.

With Magic TikTok Pixel, you can effectively determine what audiences you want to retarget! You’ll have the option to retarget TikTok audiences that have viewed your website pages or have checked out from your website already. Having these retarget audiences will help you recover lost sales by giving you the flexibility to promote your ads to those who have already shown interest. You also have the ability to choose what options you want to track from the app. Choose your options based on what analytics you want to view!

2. TikTok Shoppable Feed by Vop


This app to enable you to create a shoppable TikTok feed. It allows you to put your TikTok feed directly onto your Shopify store, as well as appear on product pages. You can also pull videos from any hashtags and other influencers are using/wearing your product.

How does this app work?

  1. Install the Shopify app
  2. Connect your TikTok account
  3. Add any hashtags you would like to follow
  4. All the videos will be pulled into an approvable feed which allows you to tag products, and approve/reject any videos you would like to appear on your store.


  • No limit to how many videos you import
  • The videos will automatically appear on your product page when tagged.
  • The app automatically creates a dedicated page which you can then choose if you would like it to appear in your navigation or not.
  • Embed your videos directly on your home page
  • Videos are shoppable when you add products

3. TikShop ‑ TikTok on your store


This app empowers you to put videos on your store from your own TikTok page or feature your customers’ TikTok videos.

This app supports select up to 20 videos from TikTok to appear in a section placed anywhere on your Shopify store’s homepage. You can customize the font and color of the header.

How does this app work?

  • Install this app on your Shopify store
  • Add and order the TikTok videos you’d like to display on your Shopify store
  • Activate your feed
  • Customize your theme and make the TikShop section visible.
  • Move the TikShop section to be wherever you’d like on your home page

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