Six of the Best Free Maintenance Mode and Coming Soon Apps for Shopify

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You’ve bought the domain, your Shopify store is building, but you don’t quite have the content ready and your design is still a bit of a mess… What to do?

Start promoting a half-baked website and risk alienating possible readers or customers? Not a good idea…

Instead, you can use a temporary coming soon Shopify app to create a great-looking placeholder page that may even help generate a positive buzz and potentially start building an early following.

Or maybe you already have a well-trafficked website but need to do some lengthy behind-the-scenes maintenance that requires your current site to be temporarily rendered unusable. In which case, instead of simply letting visitors hit a blank screen (or worse still, an error page), you can also use any of these Shopify apps to create a great-looking placeholder page to let your audience know what’s going on!

Now, for our contenders — in no particular order…

1. Coming Soon


This is Shopify apps, that helps to create coming soon page.


  • Completely customizable look and feel including Background Color and Image, Logo, Fonts etc…
  • Collect Emails with Mailchimp or build a customer list with Shopify
  • Integrated with Google Fonts
  • Visible to the only non-logged in users so you can build your site while visitors see the “Coming Soon” page.
  • Custom Look & Feel with no coding
  • Social Sharing Buttons

2. Fancy Coming Soon


The Fancy Coming Soon app allows you to instantly create a launch or coming soon page on your Shopify store. Just enable the app, activate your preferred theme, configure settings and you are ready to go. This app will help you to start promoting your new e-commerce store. It comes with an impressive selection of animated and plain background themes.

3. Modern Pre‑launcher


Pre-launcher is a Shopify app that allows you to set up a beautiful coming soon page where you can inform customers about your store before it starts. You will be able to attract customers and collect feedback information before the full launch of the store.

Also, the application allows you to close access to the store to customers at the time of technical work, and giving basic information about the store.


  • Easy install without modifying a theme.
  • Add subscription form for collect customer’s emails.
  • Configure the countdown time to inform customers about the launch time of the shop.
  • Customize headline and sub-heading.
  • Add your logo.
  • Choose a quality background from our library or upload yours.
  • Select the font that best fits your brand.
  • Add links to social networks where your brand is already represented.
  • Add copyright to your company.
  • Add a link to the privacy policy.

4. Simple Coming Soon


The Simple Coming Soon app adds a coming soon landing page to your store. The coming soon page will be visible to anyone who is not logged in to your Shopify store. Meanwhile, you or any other logged-in staffers can access the under construction/under maintenance site to update content or make changes.


  • An adaptive coming soon page that looks great across all devices
  • Use custom text/a call to action on your coming soon page
  • Add your corporate logo, use brand-appropriate background imagery
  • Social network buttons
  • SEO data
  • Live countdown timer
  • Collect subscriber data while in coming soon mode
  • Fast, responsive technical support
  • Coming Soon page appear on the domain root

5. Under Construction


The Under Development page enables you to make a Landing page for your site essentially and rapidly. You simply need to empower the web application to change your site to Maintenance mode.


  • Completely customizable look and feel including Background Color and Image, Logo, Font
  • Collect Emails with Mailchimp and Klaviyo
  • Custom Look & Feel with no coding
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Apps include all feature what you need at first startup
  • Password protected same as Shopify option, you can share the password to love one who can skip under construction page

6. Coming Soon Under Construction


This app helps to create a one page website with this app easily without any coding knowledge.


  • Background Images: Switch between different background images for your coming soon landing page.
  • Logo: Add your Store logo and instantly publish to your store.
  • Social Media: Share your social media sites and link directly to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc and choose the icons directly from with the admin.
  • Email Collection: Probably the most important feature is that you can add an email signup bar to collect emails and then let your new customers when you are finally launching.
  • Countdown Timer: Set a countdown timer for any time you like to let people to know when you will be launching.
  • Admin View: When logged in, store admins can see their new Shopify store while building it, but users will see the coming soon page you created in minutes until your store is ready.
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