How to set up combo product bundles with Bold Bundles app in Shopify

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The Bold Bundles is a Shopify app that allows you to offer your products in a bundle, and promote those bundles to customers at a discount. For example, set up a “Sports Fan” bundle, where a customer can pick a hat, jersey and t-shirt together and get 15% off each of the items. If they take one of the items out of the cart, they no longer qualify and they pay full price. This Bundles app offers multiple types of bundles.

With Bold Bundles, you can sell multiple items as one product by creating a combo product.

This makes it easy for customers to buy multiple products at once. The app will sync seamlessly with your Shopify inventory and apply the discount individually to each product.

This is steps:

  • Create New
  • Select Group Bundles
  • Choose your products
    • Select Add Product and select the items in the group bundle
    • Adjust any quantities (if necessary)
  • Set the fixed price to $20
  • Override cents to $0.00
  • Combo Product
    • Generate New Product
    • Name your combo product (your customers will see this product name)
  • Style your widget
    • Title your widget (optional) –  Bundle and Save
    • Select your style – Basic or Bundle with Price
  • Name your bundle so you can identify it easily on the dashboard
  • Save the bundle
  • Activate the bundle from your dashboard and it will appear on your product pages
  • Once it syncs to Shopify, go to Products within your Shopify Admin
    • Open your new combo product
    • Update the product description, product types, tags, and collection
    • Add a product image (your single product images will load themselves, however you can add additional photos if you have them)
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