How To Reorder Payment Gateways On Shopify Checkout Page

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As the shop owner, you should provide users with all the available payment options other than cash on delivery. And Shopify allows adding multiple payment methods to an online store.

All payment methods will appear on Shopify checkout to allow customers to choose one of them to send payment. They are sorted by Shopify manually.

If you want to reorder payment methods on the Shopify checkout page, is it possible?

Yes, this is possible. You will need the Script Editor of Shopify for this. So you must use the Shopify Plus plan.

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Firstly, you open Script Editor’s dashboard, then click on Create script button.

In the dialog popup, choose the Payment gateways tab, select Reorder payment gateways then click on Create script.

On the new page, you click on the Run script button to know the name of existing payment gateways. You will see the result in the Output section. Now you must copy the name of each Payment gateway and paste it into the Ruby source code section on line 1 (please see the below screenshot).

After editing, you can click on the Run script button again to check. If all is fine you can click Save and publish to apply for the new order of the Payment gateways list.

I hope it’s helpful to you.

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