How To Offer Shopify Volume Discounts Using The “Volume Discounts – Dealeasy” App

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Unlock the potential for higher sales and increased customer engagement on your Shopify store with the “Volume Discounts – Dealeasy” app. This app allows you to effortlessly create tiered pricing strategies that are not only effective but also seamlessly integrated into your store’s theme. Say goodbye to complicated discount setups and hello to converting volume discounts and quantity breaks. With Dealeasy, you can effortlessly create tiered pricing that entices customers to buy more while maximizing your profits. It even plays nice with other discounts, automatically stacking them for your customers’ benefit. Elevate your e-commerce game today and explore how to implement these powerful volume discounts with this great app.


To add volume discounts to your Shopify store, you can follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Install the Volume Discounts app from the Shopify app store

Step 2: After the installation and initial setup, you can create volume discounts.

Step 3: Add an offer title and create different tiers offering volume discounts.

For example, if the customers buy 2 products, they get a 10% discount; when they buy 3, they get a discount of 15%, and so on.

Step 4: Select the products you wish to display the tiered volume discounts.

You can select all products, specific products, collections, and tags. You can also set the start and end dates of the volume discount offer to be displayed.

Step 5: Save the changes

Here’s what a tiered volume discount looks like on your Shopify store. Once a customer adds the products to the cart, the volume discount will be applied. Apart from the volume discount discussed above, here are other types of volume discount strategies you can offer in your store: Volume Pricing by reducing per unit rate, Volume pricing through different ranges of quantities, Volume pricing through ‘Buy X, Get Y’ strategy, Volume discount on reaching a threshold price or quantity, Volume discounts are offered through fixed amounts, Volume discounts for service-based subscriptions, Volume discounts for logistics and courier services. You can customize your discount configuration according to your business’s own promotional campaigns


In summary, the integration of a Shopify volume discounts application can serve as a transformative catalyst for elevating sales performance and augmenting the average transaction value within your e-commerce venture. These meticulously curated strategies provide a blueprint for the effective deployment of discounts, a proven driver of enhanced customer spending. By judiciously implementing these tactics, you not only stimulate increased consumer purchases but also nurture lasting brand loyalty. Stay engaged, stay ahead, and watch your e-commerce empire flourish through this app.

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