How To Automatically Resize And Replace All Product Photos In Your Shopify Store

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If you want your store to look more professional, the first thing you have to make sure that your product photos are not only high quality but uniform in size and ratio. So, the Photo Resize app is created. Photo Resize will automatically resize and replace all of your product photos to the perfect square ratio. This way everything is uniform on your website and will give your website a professional look to make you stand out from the competition. In this article, I will guide the steps to use the Photo Resize app in the simplest way.


Log in to Shopify Apps Store then click Add app to install the app to your Shopify store. You’ll automatically receive 50 free images upon installation.

Click the Analyze shop images button. This action will allow this app to analyze your store and check which images need resizing.

After the app is done analyzing your store, it will provide you with the analysis report and show you which images require resizing.

You have the option to select which images to resize. You can also use the filters on the app to make it easier for you to choose images. However, to be better, you have to resize all your images to make them all consistent and uniform across your store.

Click the Preview button to see how the images will look like in your store. No actual changes will be made during this step. If you’re happy with the images, click the Resize button. Choose which payment option is suitable for you. After choosing your payment option, this app will start resizing and updating your store with the resized images.

Now instead of having to manually go in and resize your images to be square and look uniform, our powerful and super easy-to-use app will do all the tedious work for you in a matter of minutes.

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