How do I ask my customers’ for permission to use non-essential cookies as per the new EU cookie law?

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Your Shopify store is likely using non-essential cookies. For example, if you use multiple currencies, the choice of currency is stored in a cookie. Also, if you use Google Analytics, you’re using non-essential cookies.

Please follow the above link and try that out first. If you like how it works, come back here and complete the following steps:

  • Go to the Edit HTML/CSS page.
  • Under the Layouts folder, locate and click on the theme.liquid template to open the file in the online code editor.
  • Locate the line of code </body> near the very bottom of the file (you can use CTRL-F or CMD-F to search).
  • Right above that line of code, paste the following code:

In the pasted code, edit the read_more attribute so that it points to the Privacy Policy page of your website. In the sample code above, that attribute is set to /pages/privacy-policy. It assumes that you have a page on your website with handle ‘privacy-policy‘. If your Privacy Policy page has a different URL, edit your read_more attribute. If that URL is good, you are already done – you don’t need to edit anything else!

This solution is graciously provided by Anh Kiet Solutions, a web & mobile app development team based in the VN.

You can see demo web in here:

Hura Theme Blocks

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