8+ Best BigCommerce Subscription Apps

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Subscription-based eCommerce sites are one of the most popular business models out there right now. Consumers love the convenience of being able to buy or rent items on a recurring basis. If you’re considering offering subscriptions through your BigCommerce online store, it’s important to have the right tools in place to manage subscriptions. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 8+ of the best BigCommerce subscription apps on the market.

Here is a list of the best BigCommerce subscription apps in 2024:

1. Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge is the leading subscription management solution.


  • Scalable: Grow your subscription business with Recharge and enable your customers to fully manage their subscriptions directly from your store.
  • Customizable: Leverage Recharge’s customization capabilities to create the subscription experience you envision.
  • Integrated: Take advantage of turnkey integrations that’ll connect your tech stack.


2. PayWhirl Subscriptions

BigCommerce makes it easy to set up and manage subscriptions, payment plans, and automatic billing with PayWhirl Recurring Payments. This app gets rid of the need for custom programming to make the different pages where your customers can sign up for payment plans, login, and manage their subscriptions, credit/debit cards on file, addresses, and profile information.

With PayWhirl + BigCommerce, your customers can sign in, manage their own information, see their billing history, and make changes to their accounts. Customers will love that they can add or remove payment plans, update cards on file, store multiple addresses and profiles, see upcoming payments, and more without having to talk to anyone at your business.

As an admin or employee, you can also use the saved credit card information of your customers to make more orders for products or services in BigCommerce.


3. Bold Subscriptions

Bold Subscriptions gives brands the freedom to create and customize subscription experiences that build recurring revenue and increase customer lifetime value. Over 20,000 brands, such as Metabolic Meals, Lootcrate, and Lifetime Fitness, use Bold to power their subscription and membership models. With our open APIs, brands have the most freedom to customize the subscription experience, change the subscriber portal, add unique rule sets, connect to other apps, and add new channels for subscriptions.


  • Set up and scale quickly by activating features as you need them: Get up and running quickly and easily with out-of-the-box advanced subscription capabilities available in our solution, such as subscribe and save, prepaid subscriptions, product swapping, discount codes, recurrence rules, subscription builder, and more.
  • Grow revenue and LTV with a custom subscription offering: Bold Subscriptions provides powerful, API-driven customization options to build and scale a subscription service that fits your business. Tailor your setup, checkout flow, and customer portal for a one-of-a-kind subscription experience to drive dependable recurring revenue. Our solution is purpose-built for complex subscription use cases, making big ideas come true.
  • Keep customers subscribed by giving them flexibility and control: Allow your customers to completely manage their own orders by editing, skipping, or canceling their subscriptions through Customer Portal. This feature additionally allows your customers to change payment methods and update the delivery dates for their orders.
  • A growing ecosystem of integrations to help improve your recurring revenue experience: Bold Subscriptions has powerful integrations for email & SMS communication to engage your audiences with strategic messaging campaigns and the ability to connect to over 2000 other web services using Zapier. You can be up and running with these integrations in just a few clicks. Learn more about how these integrations can help improve your recurring revenue experience.


4. sticky.io Subscriptions

sticky.io Subscriptions allows you to easily launch and manage unique subscription programs from your BigCommerce storefront. You’ll be able to:

  • Enable subscriptions on all or some of your products
  • Create flexible subscription offerings
  • Manage subscription workflows
  • Boost retention with decline management tools
  • Automate customer email notifications
  • This app has the functionality you need to deliver a superior subscription experience to every customer and the tools to help you build customer relationships and reach your recurring revenue potential.

As a preferred partner of BigCommerce for subscriptions, when you choose sticky.io, you get:

  • A fast, turnkey solution that’s easy to install and configure
  • A team with 15+ years of experience helping e-commerce merchants meet their subscription management needs
  • Enterprise-grade reliability and scalability
  • Unlimited flexibility in subscription models and frequency
  • Guided onboarding and setup — free of charge
  • Dedicated customer success specialists
  • Ongoing product and feature development


5. Subscriptions Cloud

Subscriptions Cloud is fully integrated with your storefront and the BigCommerce checkout. Your customers can manage their subscriptions easily from their user accounts, and you can change, stop, or refund subscriptions directly from your admin panel. You won’t have to check out outside of your domain anymore, and you won’t have to pay any more fees.


  • No extra Fees Subscription Cloud has no transaction fees, pay a flat fee based on your number of subscribers
  • Process subscription products and single products at the same time, no more double checkouts or external checkouts.
  • Everything happens inside your store, we are fully integrated with BigCommerce and the BigCommerce checkout.
  • Keep your payment processor you have the option to process only subscription products and mixed carts with Square
  • Your customers can manage their subscriptions directly from the BigCommerce my account tab


6. Chargebee

Chargebee is the best tool for subscription management and recurring billing. It is used by thousands of high-growth and large subscription businesses.

BigCommerce merchants can now easily use Chargebee’s powerful subscription infrastructure to create recurring revenue streams. This is made possible by a streamlined integration that makes it easier than ever to offer subscriptions and fulfill subscription orders.

With Chargebee and BigCommerce, you’ll be able to:

  • Maximize growth by offering the widest variety of purchasing options available, including offering your customers the broadest suite of payment choices available, gift subscriptions, and a wide selection of billing plans
  • Experience a step change in efficiency through automation of order generation paired with reporting insights that drive revenue optimization
  • Secure more of your revenue with dunning tools, email notifications, and more to reduce churn
  • Build customer loyalty with flexible subscription management options, built-in promotional tools, and a full complement of available customer support actions to delight and retain customers


7. Subscrimia

Subscrimia will automatically schedule and charge recurring payments from your customers based on the subscription period selected in checkout.

Payment will be processed automatically by this app and the order will appear in your bigcommerce dashboard.

With the responsive customer portal, your customers can manage their own payment methods on file, address information, custom questions, subscription(s), and even place subsequent orders.

The integration has never been so easy with Subscrimia. You don’t need to care about taxes and shipping, the recurring orders get all this information from your current configuration in Bigcommerce


8. Rebillia Platform

Rebillia has worked with BigCommerce merchants for more than 6 years and with subscriptions around the world for more than 8 years, so they know what a subscription business needs. So, they give BigCommerce the easiest and most flexible enterprise subscription management platform, without sacrificing the customer experience.


  • Subscriptions, Memberships, Auto-Ships: Rebillia offers maximum billing flexibility, coupling our product-based subscription module with our self-developed subscription engines!
  • Fully Embedded & Synchronized with BigCommerce: Rebillia embeds itself into your store’s interfaces and functionalities to provide your customers with the best shopping experience while keeping your store’s back-end management completely the same!
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider & GDPR Compliant: Security & Privacy are our #1 priorities! Rebillia is the only certified level 1 PCI compliant & GDPR Compliant payment solution app on the BigCommerce marketplace – backed by the PCI council.
  • Multi StoreFront Compatible: Rebillia’s Channel-based connection allows you to connect as many sale channels as you want to the one central Rebillia account. That also includes BigCommerce’s MSF (Multi Storefront) functionality. Just as you wish to maintain information separately and view data with association to the channel it belongs to – so does Rebillia! Know exactly which channel each customer account came from, which subscriptions, and what KPIs belong to each channel.


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