6+ Powerful Gamification Apps For Your Shopify Store

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One of the best ways to engage and encourage your users to take action and get involved in your Shopify online store is gamification. Using gamification on your Shopify store is a creative way to make your visitors stay for longer on your site and retain them for the future. The best thing about gamification is that it helps to increase sales. Through playing games, you can provide customers with discount codes or incentives when buying.

This article has compiled a list of the best Shopify gamification apps from the massive Shopify Apps Store below. Here is the list of the best Gamification apps for Shopify in 2023:

1. Gamify ‑ Game Maker

With Gamify Game Maker, choose a game from the library of games, customize them with your branding and watch your time on site, conversion rate and data capture grow!


  • Fun and engaging mini-games that work
  • Capture user data with a unique leaderboard and forms
  • Reward your users with incentives, promotions, and rewards
  • Customize and brand any game of your choice
  • Include multiple games on your site
  • Responsive desktop and mobile


2. ClawCrane: Game & Email Popup

Claw Crane: Gamified Discounts is a virtual claw machine right on your Shopify store. Your customers play fun & fast game with the real chance to win discounts – no quarters required!

The app blends in as an icon on the edge of your store while a subtle shake from time to time ensures it’s still noticed. Not annoying, yet effective.

A virtual assistant explains rules and game controls and your customer is good to go: More and more prizes pop up in your store while your customer tries to capture them using the claw. Will he lose, will he win, or even hit the jackpot? Knowing there is a true chance to win sets off his emotional rollercoaster.

If the claw grabs air: Even better! Your customer needs to wait a few minutes to play again – meanwhile, he may further stroll through your store, which is a Win-Win: Your customer doesn’t feel disappointed and maybe he will find another thing or two.

Finally fetching a prize feels like true success. This is how memorable experiences are made.


3. Hero Box ‑ Saves The Day

This is a new gamification app designed to be different from the rest. Your visitors will be intrigued with the prizes they can win, don’t forget you can offer them a free product, awesome discount codes, or free shipping. Who can resist trying to see what they will win?


  • Mystery Box GamePlay: Prizes will shuffle & customers enter an email to play
  • Mystery Box As A Product: Create a mystery box product page with Buy Now button
  • Pay to Play:  Generate revenue with each gameplay i.e. Raffle a pair of Yeezys
  • Search Feature: Search all your products when selecting your free prize
  • View What Prize Each Visitor Won: Know more information about each visitor
  • View The Status Of Your Visitor: Know if they purchased


4. PRIZE PLAY ‑ Mystery Box Game

This is the same app as Hero Box. The Prize Play app seamlessly integrates into your Shopify store. This app has a beautiful layout for your shop, but feel free to customize the look and feel of the Prize Play game. Lots of features can be adjusted to your preference, such as display text, color pallet, win ratio, prize winnings, and much more.


5. Quest Hunt Email Popup Game

Quest is a digital treasure-hunting game that engages and delights your customers. It also lets you collect emails to do marketing.


6. Dealio

Dealio will help you add virtual scratch cards to your online store, giving shoppers special offers designed to encourage them to purchase product bundles. It includes a number of customization options you can use to tailor the scratch cards to your company’s existing branding, it has a responsive design, making it compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and it even includes analytics to help you determine this Shopify app’s efficacy.


In addition to the Shopify apps listed above, you can refer to the best lucky spin wheel game apps for Shopify.

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