5 of the best Shopify Apps for surveys, polls & quizzes

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If you’re looking for some plugins to help you get feedback from your store’s shoppers, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. These Shopify apps allow you to create polls, quizzes, and surveys, so you can find out what your customers think of your products, customer service, and website. Plus, these Shopify apps come with lots of useful features, including easy design customization, responsive layouts for mobile devices, detailed analytics and reporting, support for multiple languages, and more.

The best Shopify apps for surveys, polls & quizzes in 2024:

1. Quick Polls

Easily collect feedback from your shoppers and get insights about your store. Quick Polls is an easy-to-use survey tool, which allows you to actively ask questions in a clean and intuitive way, and keep your finger on the pulse of your shopper’s mindset. Results appear instantly, so you can get a picture of who your customers are, what they need, and what bothers them.


2. Customer.guru – Track Customer Satisfaction

Customer.guru enables you to find out if your clients will recommend your store and products to their friends by making it easy to ask that simple question. Your customers can rank this likelihood on a scale of 0 to 10, so you can see who your most satisfied shoppers are. This Shopify survey app comes with support for multiple languages, Slack, Facebook, and Google Adwords integration, a customizable thank you page, and more.


3, Survicate – Feedback Surveys for Your Shop

Survicate enables you to learn about your customers’ needs, uncover their specific pain points, challenges, and experiences. Find out what stops them from buying, what other products they expect, or how they find your shop. With such insights, you can improve your website, offer, or marketing communication, to increase conversion rates and sales.


4. PollCart Social Commerce

Your customer wants your product, but they have to research it first. Ask friends, their coworkers, read reviews, check with their spouses. They wait for responses, but might never get them – and might never make the purchase. This is the e­-commerce black hole. But there’s a better way. They can check out right away, then get feedback from their social network. PollCart Social Commerce asks friends and family to respond in 24 hours, and when they do, voting to approve the order, everything is finalized and the order is shipped. With PollCart, embrace social commerce to grow sales, improve sell­-through, and reduce returns. Your customer, rather than entering the e-commerce black hole shares their purchase with their social circles, getting input from product experts and those who share their finances. When they respond, you’ll get a landing page with anonymous product feedback. And with this simple request, they’re introducing their friends to your brand and products. Now that’s Social Commerce.


5. Qualaroo – Surveys to grow your store

Unlimited real-time surveys across the web, mobile web, and in-app provide businesses with the ability to target all of their users and understand them on all platforms. While other platforms only tell you WHAT your users are doing, Qualaroo tells you WHY. The why reveals what variables you need to double down or dial back upon. Here at Qualaroo we take pride in being the thought leader on conversion rate optimization and adding qualitative context to analytics.


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