5+ Best Dark Mode / Night Mode Apps for Shopify

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Studies have shown that a large percentage of shopping occurs at night, especially after 20:00, so the light mode can be extremely tiring their eyes. Dark mode or Night mode is the solution to make your cusumers confortable when they browser your shop site at night. You want to add dark mode / night mode to your Shopify store but you don’t know how to do that. Don’t worry! There are Shopify apps that help you to add a dark mode / night mode to your website automatically.

Here is a list of the best Dark Mode / Night Mode Apps for Shopify in 2024:

1. One‑Click Darkmode

This app allow users to toggle any theme to dark mode. By click the floating widget, all users can switch between light mode and dark mode, what ever themes you are using.


2. Dark Mode


  • Easy to Use: You are just a few clicks away from creating an amazing dark mode experience for your store visitors. Just install the app and see the magic!
  • OS Aware Color Mode: Shop Dark Mode app automatically shows the dark mode in your store if the OS preferred theme is dark. Your hassle ends here.
  • Time-Based Darkmode: Dark Mode will turn your store into dark mode based on the local time of the visitor.
  • Presets Color Schema: Quickly change the dark mode color from the predefined ready-made color schema and make your store look standout for the visitors!
  • Excludes/Include Elements: You can exclude specific elements of your store being affected by the dark mode using this ur app. Dark or light, the choice is yours!
  • Custom CSS Support: Easily edit buttons, specific sections, or background color of the store in your favorite style using the custom CSS support feature of the Shop Dark Mode app.
  • Dark Mode Based Image Support: Worried about how dark images will look in Dark Mode? Don’t worry; you can have a different version of the same image using this app.
  • Floating Switch Button: You can display a dark mode floating switch button in the right or left bottom position of the store with this feature of the Shop Dark Mode app.
  • Different Switch Styles: Choose your favorite style of dark mode switch button from various options available in our Shop Dark Mode app.


3. Dark Mode Pro

Dark Mode Pro adds dark mode to your store within minutes allowing your customers to shop in the evening without having to strain their eyes. It works by dimming down backgrounds, images, and text when when customers enabled it by clicking a button at the bottom of their screen on your store.

You can install it and forget it in a flash. Smart presets are already set for you.

With this app, you can control the contrast of images, backgrounds, text, and borders for both light and dark page elements by sliding the controls. You also can remove shadows and change the widget text right from the app. And if you are comfortable with CSS, you can even declare elements for the app to ignore when a customer changes your store into dark mode.


4. Night Mode ‑ Dark Mode

You can easily install this app on your website. Absolutely no coding required, you don’t need to make any changes in your theme files. Night mode works across browsers perfectly, so no worry which browser your customers are using.


5. Night Mode ‑ Dark Theme App

This app allows your users to switch between regular mode and dark mode on any theme with just a click on the floating widget.


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