5+ Best Shopify Apps for Adding an Extra Cash on Delivery Fee

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Adding a Cash on Delivery (COD) fee promotes more prepaid orders and even if the customer places a COD order you get extra money. So it is an effective way to increase your eCommerce revenue.

By default in Shopify, you can’t add a fee to a payment method. However, you may accomplish this objective by using a 3-party app.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps for adding an extra fee on COD order in 2024:

1. Cash On Delivery Fee Releasit

This Shopify allows you to add a custom store-wide fee (fixed value or percentage) to your Cash on Delivery orders so that you can get the benefits of Cash on Delivery without sacrificing your customer experience and your bottom line!

How it works

Your customers will check out their order like any other order, and if they choose Cash on Delivery as their payment method, they will see your extra fee on the page where they choose their payment method. If they don’t want to pay the extra fee for COD, they can easily choose another way to pay.

When a customer chooses “Cash on Delivery” for their order, your extra fee will be added automatically.

Your customer will see your COD surcharge on all of their order notifications and on the Thank You page for their order.

You will also be able to add an instructions message to both your order notifications and your order Thank You page. This will give your COD customers more information about how to get ready for delivery, which will lower your return rates and make sure that your customers are ready for their delivery.


2. Cash On Delivery Fee ‑ CodFee

This app is built for stores that accept Cash On Delivery (COD) payment methods. It offers a new solution to charge an additional fee when your customers choose the COD method.

It will add a custom product to their customer order (and this product is not listed on your store), and on the Thank you page. This app modifies it to look like the shipping fee.


3. COD Fees & Order Confirmation

COD Fee & Order Confirmation, previously known as COD king is the one-stop solution for stores having cash on delivery payment or any manual payment methods.

This app has 2 major features which are loved by more than hundreds of merchants

  • Order verification from SMS: Reduces fake orders and returns to origin, (saves money for shipping extra orders).
  • COD fees: Charge extra if a customer places cash on the delivery order. This promotes more prepaid orders and even if the customer places a COD order you get extra money.


4. Advanced Cash on Delivery

Advanced Cash on Delivery is an app developed by Shopify, giving you more control over how and when your customers can use Cash on Delivery as a payment method.

It’s only for merchants in India.


5. Cash on Delivery Fee ‑ CODFEE

This Shopify app allows you to add a fee to your Cash on Delivery orders, so your customers and you can still benefit from the Cash on Delivery advantages without impacting the checkout experience.

Once you install the app, you will find a 5-minute step-by-step guide on how to configure and enable the Cash on Delivery fee.

This setup needs to be done only the first time, then the fee will automatically be added to Cash on Delivery orders.


  • Use any manual payment method.
  • Add a fixed or percentage fee.
  • You can apply tax to the additional fee.
  • Add instructions and fee value to the checkout page.
  • Add instructions to the order thank you page and email notification.
  • Always online support (via Online chat and WhatsApp)


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