3+ Best Customer Verification Apps for Shopify

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You sell special products and need verification before allowing customers to make a purchase. It means to purchase the products from the website, the customer needs to upload an identity document during registration, checkout or from the customer portal on the website. The shop owner will verify the customers through their identity and can approve or reject them for shopping on your Shopify store. If you don’t want to do it manually. Don’t worry! there are Shopify apps that help you.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Customer Verification Apps:

1. Real ID ‑ Verify Customer IDs

Real ID digitally proves your customer’s real identities using a photo ID and facial biometrics. Now you can fulfill any order with confidence. It’s a perfect use case for:

  • Completing orders with age restrictions
  • Selling high cost goods
  • Validating customers in high risk markets like alcohol, cannabis, vaping and smoking accessories
  • Verifying flagged fraud orders by Shopify

Real ID’s document verification helps remove friction during fulfillment quickly and easily detecting whether a government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent. All the user needs to do is take a photo of their ID and a selfie on their mobile device.

Real ID uses cutting edge A.I. to verify the authenticity of the ID and instantly match the face on the ID to the submitted selfie by the customer.

That way, even if a fraudster had access to a stolen physical ID, they can’t beat an ID check.


2. ID.me Group Verification

ID.me is the next-generation digital identity platform allowing convenient, trusted interactions between retailers and their customers.

ID.me’s e-commerce solution allows online retailers to verify eligibility for exclusive benefits and discounts in real-time. ID.me currently verifies military/veterans, students/alumni, teachers, first responders, nurses, government employees, healthcare providers, corporate employees and age groups.

The group verification solution is a Single Sign-On widget that acts as a digital ID card in order to allow members of specific communities to access exclusive offers and discounts while protecting the brand partners from fraud.

ID.me’s technology delivers the following benefits:

  • Loyalty: The goal of marketing is to build an emotional connection with customers, and there is nothing more powerful than recognizing a select group.
  • Security: ID.me empowers brands to digitally deliver exclusive benefits to select groups by eliminating the potential for leaked promo codes and fraud.
  • Trust: ID.me verifies group affiliation through financial institutions, government agencies and secure national organizations.
  • Real-time: ID.me verifies a customer’s group affiliation faster than you can take an ID card out of your wallet.
  • Portability: Once a member has verified his or her affiliation through ID.me, they can use their ID.me credentials to gain access to benefits across the web wherever the ID.me widget is installed, eliminating the need to share sensitive information with multiple websites.


3. Validation.com

Validation.com puts you in charge of the client ID verification process. The app use simple rules, so you can automatically decide if a customer needs to submit their documents. When the rules decide that ID needs to be checked, on the order confirmation page a simple window opens in the customer’s browser and enables them to securely and easily submit their documents. No downloads or apps needed.

You will receive an email notification when the customer has completed the submission.

You do not need to be online when the ID is submitted, you can review submissions at your convenience.


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