25+ Best Related and Recommended Products Apps for Your Shopify Store

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One of your most important jobs as an online merchant is to make sure that your customers find your products as quickly as possible. Your navigation menu and search bar are not enough, because your customers often don’t know exactly what they’re looking for; instead, they start browsing, and if nothing catches their attention, they get frustrated and leave without buying anything. Showing recommendations for related products has become the best strategy to sell products. This feature has a great influence on making customers shop at your store. Showing related products at each stage of buying a product increases store profits several times.

These are the best Shopify apps help to show related products or recommended products to your Shopify store. That help improve product display and boost sales.

1. Bold Brain ‑ AI for your store


Bold Brain matches products from your store that are frequently purchased together and suggests product offers, based on real-time data collected from your customers. All you need to do is select “take action” and the offer will be up and running on your store.

Don’t like the recommendation? Brain will generate another custom pairing for you to approve.

Once set up, the app will analyze your sales and track the revenue created by its suggestions, showing you an instant return on investment (ROI).

What’s critical to the success of Brain is the ability to stay ahead of the curve: recommending offers your customers want, rather than making guesses and seeing if they’ll pan out.

The Brain will:

  • Learn how your customers like to shop on your store.
  • Match products to offer together, or as subscriptions, based on sales data collected from your customers.
  • Track which offers are converting the best over time.
  • Give you real-time ROI.

2. Related Products ‑ Relatify


This Shopify app helps show Related Products on any product. This app will not let customers go without viewing the product that they need and hence it increase the chances of more sales. This will show up the related products of the current product and give customers lot more new options to choose from.

You can customize related products: number of related products in a row; related products title, font size and color; customize price color , vendor color, product type color; an option to choose to show compare price, vendor, product type.

You can showcase similar products on product page by the following parameters:

  • Related Products By Collection: Showcase the Related Products from the same collection, the products belong to same collection will be displayed.
  • Related Products by Product tags: Showcase the Products by tags. So the products having same tags will be displayed. You can also define , from which tags you want to show related products on front end.
  • Related Products by Product type: Showcase the Products by product type. The products having same product type will be displayed together.
  • Related Products by Vendor: Showcase the Products by vendor. The products having same vendor will be displayed together.

3. Recomatic Related Products


Recomatic is really good at figuring out what selection of products has the most effect on your sales and are the most helpful to ease your customers navigation

The recommendation module smoothens your browsing experience by showing your visitors related products that they’ll be interested in on product and cart pages. This allows them to easily jump from one product to another and find what they are looking for in less time, making them a lot more likely to buy. This app automatically does all tasks for you. It uses past orders data, products descriptions and titles, tags and categories to select the most relevant related products. It’s always in sync with your product base and it learns from your customers.

4. Related Products ‑ Also Bought


This app will show related products to help customers can be browse more for the design / pattern they are looking for. You can select the products to be shown as recommended products under each product by this app. It allows you to handpick recommended products for each individual product. By using the product recommendations system, you can show the multiple related product recommendations widgets on store This will show up the Related Products of the current product and give customers lot more new options to choose from.

You can customize related products:

  • Number of related products in a row
  • Related products title, font size and color
  • Customize price color, font size
  • Customize compare price color, font size
  • Show related products by tags,vendor or product type.

5. Personalized Recommendations by Expert Village Media Technologies


This app lets you showcase personalized product recommendations, related products, recently viewed products, top selling items, new arrivals & frequently bought together products to upsell & cross sell smartly.

  • Related Products or You May Also Like: Show products related to those that a visitor is currently browsing. Related products are determined based on similar collections, tags, product type & product tags. One click upsell app.
  • Handpicked or Manual Recommendations: Select products to be shown as “recommended products” on each of your product pages. Handpick these products to get them discovered & increase their sales.
  • Frequently Bought Together: Using frequently bought together widget, you can show which products were purchased together by customers with similar interests. Enable the user to add the product bundle to their cart with one click.
  • Email Recommendations: Send personalized product recommendations by email to your customers. Configure your email template & simply export to MailChimp or Klaviyo.
  • Recently Viewed Products: Recently Viewed widget shows the products which a visitor viewed during his entire browsing session. Showing browsing history to a visitor nudges them to make a purchase decision faster.
  • Top Selling Products: Display your top-selling & trending products with this Wiser widget. If your store is new & has no data on the most sold products, the widget shows products as per Shopify’s default best-selling system.
  • Featured Products: Select products that you want to bring into the limelight & assign them to a collection. Select the collection in the app to showcase them as featured products.

6. Personalized Recommendations by LoopClub


This app take care of generating personalised recommendations using a proprietary algorithm. It also allows you to manually configure the recommendations to meet your specific needs.


  • Personalized Recommendations For You
  • Frequently Bought Together – Upsell
  • You may also like – Cross Sell
  • Similar Products – Increase discoverability of Products
  • Recently Viewed – Decrease Bounce Rate
  • Bestsellers
  • Trending Products
  • Top Discounts
  • Recently Launched – Highlight New Launches

7. Also Bought • Cross Sell


This was the first app in the Shopify App Store to feature true Amazon-like intelligent recommendations, back in 2015. This app can be installed in your store with just one click, no coding or template modification is required.

The app relies on strong data mining algorithms to produce recommendations, making it much more efficient than selecting products manually or through other imprecise criteria: customers are more likely to purchase products that other customers bought together in the same situation.

Also It analyses your store’s full sales history, new orders and product updates in real-time, and has no limits on number of products or number of orders or traffic.

8. Image Based Related Products


This app use AI automatically selects new related products, continuously combining new products. AI uses product picture analysis, deep textual analysis and other factors to help you choose the most relevant products to display. It’s fully automated. You don’t need to select or approve the related products manually. The AI also automatically updates related products after every catalog update.

9. Product Addons


This app helps to display related products as accessories on product page. Also display addons on the cart page.

App allows you to associate multiple products and display the associated products on the product page itself.

Merchants can easily display add-ons on the cart page as well. They also can easily attach add-ons to a single product or the whole collection with a single click. The bulk attachment feature will save time for large merchants.

The associated products as displayed as check boxes on the product pages. So user can browse and select multiple add on products by clicking on the check boxes.

User can select multiple products without requiring to open a new window. All addon products are displayed on the product page itself. User can select the required add-ons via checkboxes and add all selected products to cart in a single click.

10. Related Products by Tag


The app shows the products related to the one that visitor is currently browsing which makes it’s a good option for upselling target products. Store-owners can freely handpick recommended products for each individual product to create a Bought Together group, and customers can get the whole thing in their cart with one-click Add to cart button.

Install the app and it will take out the products list data on administrator website. The app will identify each product’s tag, puts the products which have the same tag into related products section and display it on product page whenever a customer view any product.

11. Upsell + Related Products


This app come with 4 features:

  • Upsell Cross Sell Popups: Upsell / Cross-Sell your products when a user adds a product to the cart or product detail pages. You can show similar products in popup based on the different unique conditions for each product.
  • Related Products Widget: Create multiple widgets of product recommendations to be set up on all pages and upsell/cross-sell your products.
  • Sales Notification: Real-time and manual sales order notification popup on your store.
  • BOGO Offers & Dynamic Discount Code: Create multiple offers on your products and collection and auto-apply on the cart.

12. Related Products Pro


This simple implementation app allows you to make combination products based on your defined rules. So you can push your products according to your requirements to suggest them to your customers to complete their order (cross-selling).

Related products will be displayed on the product page, shopping cart page.

With this app, you can set many options on it:

  • Select related products organization type: By vendor, product type, collection, or choose manually related products.
  • When no product is found by the above rules, you can also customize to display random products.
  • Select the maximum number of products are displayed.
  • Change the title of the block right on the settings page (With other apps, you have to edit it in the theme or contact the developer to do that, with this app you just set it here, just one second only to do)
  • How to manually select related products: When products are not in the above rule, manual selection is necessary. It is also very effective. For example, when you want the customers to purchase accessories for a product, manual selection will help you do that.

13. Upsell ‑ Related Products


This app helps you can add a section to your product pages that displays an aesthetic list of product recommendations. You have a total control on how the products are recommended to your customers on product pages. This app provindes 5 different designs: product sliders, recommendations, related products, upsells and frequently bought together.

You also can create custom groups based on what you consider can be a good combination of related products.

14. Related Products & Blogs


This app helps to display relevant products of your store on your Shopify blog posts and vice versa.

15. Cross Sell Recommend Products


This app show personalized recommendations or related items alongside each product on your store. Unlike other apps that automate product recommendations, this app gives you finer control by letting you choose what related items to show.

16. Hoverowl Related Products AI


With Hoverowl Related Products AI, your Shopify store will turn into a sales machine. The app with the custom algorithm automatically suggest new products to your customers, increasing average order volume.

17. Smart Related Products


This app allows you to choose related products for a particular product.


  • Enable or disable the app
  • The best to improve customer engagement.
  • You can quickly and easily add product recommendations to your store
  • Change the title of related products.
  • Mobile Responsive
  • One-Click Installation
  • Make Slider of Products.
  • Make Grid of Products.
  • Customize the style of related products (color, font size, background, etc.)
  • Change the total number of related products and the column number.
  • Choose related products from a specific collection.
  • Choose related products from product type, vendor, specific tags
  • Manually add related products to a product.
  • Show the entire list of products in the app.
  • Set a number of related products to display.
  • Display Product Details Button.
  • Custom CSS option
  • Related products preview

18. Linkcious Related Products


Linkcious is a product recommendation engine that allows e-commerce stores to automatically recommend related products on their product pages much like Amazon’s product recommendation engine. Unlike other systems, Linkcious uses artificial intelligence to select related products to show. The Linkcious AI reads contextual information, clickthrough data and social interactions to increate conversion rates.

19. Recomify Related Products


Recomify is a 1-click install, cost-effective smart product recommendation engine which is specially designed to increase your sales. With this app, you can quickly and easily add product recommendations to your store. Recomify also allows you to manually select the related items that you would like to assign for each product in your Shopify store. Recomify’s related product widget can be automatically integrated with all standard and custom Shopify themes with zero effort. No coding knowledge is required.

20. Personalized Recommendations by Perzonalization


With this app, Shopify page types (product, cart, collection, index, 404, search pages) will now include personalized product recommendations and related products by tags.

Choose the type of logic to use on a recommendation block to display recommended products:

  • Related products from like-minded shoppers
  • Upsell Shopify
  • Cross-sell
  • Popular products
  • Recently viewed products
  • Rule based: “If this, then that”
  • Discounted products
  • New arrivals
  • Frequently bought together
  • Product/category reminder

21. Show Related Products by ST


It’s really easy and quick to setup & uses this application which will help you to promote more than one product at the same time to your valuable visitors. You can create multiple categories of related products which you can display with your similar product. It is a simple, clean, easy to manage and extremely useful app you will ever have for your site.

  • Show multiple products at the same time
  • Create custom categories of products
  • Easy to create and manage all categories

With this app, you just have to create a custom category of similar products by adding products to the category. When a user wishes to buy a product, you can display the category of similar products with the main product. You just need to set the category with relevant products and the rest will handle by the app.

22. Frequently Bought Together


The Frequently Bought Together app brings the smart upsell feature into Shopify in the most convenient way: you can have it ready in your store within seconds and with zero configuration.

This app analyses the previous purchases in your store database through data mining algorithms and produces a memory graph with the recommended products that are usually added together to the shopping cart.

23. Frequently Bought Together PRO


Frequently Bought Together PRO is a combination of related products & frequently bought together which pushes a customer to buy more products. Related products & frequently bought together are a very good method to attract customers to buy more. See more buy more nature is common in all humans.

Related products help you to push similar products to your product pages, allowing a customer to quickly access similar products that they are searching.

Frequently bought together are a set of products which are usually bought together. Frequently bought together allows you to push relevant products that customers may purchase along with the selected product. This helps increase sales in your shop and push deals for a better shopping experience.

24. Cross Sell PRO



  • Go live with just 1 click
  • Also Bought recommendations
  • Related Products
  • Recently Viewed
  • Best Selling
  • Newest Products
  • Manual recommendations
  • Recommendations on Home, Collections, Products or Cart pages
  • Algorithms powered by Machine Learning (AI)
  • Automatic update of the Algorithms every 1 hour
  • Awesome & innovative design
  • Works with any Page design & Shopify Theme
  • Mobile friendly

25. Globo Upsell, Related Products


This app has the super user-friendly interface as well as simplest configuration steps. No developer skills required. Additionally, it is also compatible with all Shopify themes.

At first, the system takes out the list of products based on the relevant conditions which have been defined by the website administrator inside the related products app. Shoppers can see the recommended products list in three different positions:

  • In the product detail page, between the “Add to cart” button and product information: Buyers can add all products to cart with just one click.
  • In the product detail page, above the footer (in carousel style)
  • In cart page

The related products app selects the most relevant product recommendations based on the condition list such as:

  • Manual: Set recommended items for each product manually.
  • Bought together: Automatically analyze the store’s order information to give out the frequently also bought products list.
  • Same collection: Show related products in the same collection
  • Same product type: Show related products in the same product type
  • Same product tags: Show related products in the same product tag
  • And much more!
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