5+ Best Shopify Membership Apps

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By using Shopify Membership Apps, you can give access to your users to view the restricted area such as content blocks, pages, posts, specific products or entire collections, etc on your Shopify store only when they purchase the corresponding Membership Plans.


  • You can control the users to access the content on your website
  • You can generate a consistent and reliable stream of income
  • You can create a loyal customer base for your website

In this article, we have listed the best 5+ Shopify Membership apps which are listed below:

1. Bold Memberships

This app allows you to run any type of membership on your store and charge a recurring membership fee for it. From sophisticated memberships that show different content, blogs, or change something on your site, to basic memberships for offline services such as fitness classes, piano lessons, or any other type of membership. This app does it all!

This is the easiest way to add a membership program to your Shopify store where you can give or take away access to just about anything, all with recurring billing built-in!

Sell One-Time or Recurring Memberships that:

  • Show or hide certain pages
  • Show or hide blog posts, blog categories, or an entire blog!
  • Show or hide specific products or entire collections
  • Show or hide product prices
  • Show or hide the add to cart button
  • Change the liquid templates for any pages

It’s a very powerful membership app that can be as simple or as complex as you want.


2. AAA Membership + Subscription


  • Protect your pages, collection, and products so only your members can view the content.
  • Assign pages and collections to the specific membership you are creating.
  • Non-members viewing a protected page will be prompted to log in or become a member.
  • Paid membership payment is handled securely via Stripe.
  • Both one-time and recurring/subscription payments are supported.


3. Simplee Memberships

Simplee Memberships allows you to sell memberships on your Shopify store while using your existing checkout. This means you can use existing Shopify products, track inventory, charge appropriate taxes, offer discount codes, and let customers check out using your existing checkout.

No more setting up a Stripe or PayPal merchant account, creating widget pages on your storefront, and embedding widgets. This app makes this experience seamless, the memberships widget appears on the product page, and customer orders appear in your Shopify admin.

If you want to limit some content on your storefront only to members, Simplee Memberships makes it easy to create rules. Currently, these include:

  • Show specific pages only to members
  • Show specific blogs only to members
  • Show specific products only to members
  • Show specific articles (blog posts) only to members
  • Show product prices only to members
  • Show the add to cart button only to members

If you want to hide all pages, blogs, or products from visitors unless they’re members, you can do that too!


4. Appstle℠ Memberships

Appstle Memberships is a comprehensive solution for offering memberships and related perks to your customers, to increase your brand’s reach, loyalty, and market share. Founded by an Apple-Siri engineer, Appstle uses revolutionary technology, to offer compelling features at compelling prices.


5. Memberply Paid Memberships

This Shopify app enables you to create a paid membership program where members pay you a recurring fee, in exchange for exclusive rewards and discounts. These rewards include earning points for every purchase & then redeeming these points for store credit, free shipping, access to locked content and so much more.


  • Generate recurring revenue through a paid membership program
  • Offer a reward points program where members can earn points for every purchase
  • Offer discounts such as free shipping, members-only discounts, and much more
  • Offer access to locked content such as exclusive member-only content
  • Rewards and discounts are automatically delivered to the customer portal


Memberply Paid Memberships

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  1. Chris says:

    Now that Shopify has opened up their checkout to subscription orders, there is a new (and arguably better) option for memberships on Shopify. Offering more functionality than the existing apps, and allowing you to use Shopify products, purchase products alongside the membership, and being fully tracked in Shopify.

    Check out Simplee Memberships at https://apps.shopify.com/simplee-memberships

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