10+ Best Page Speed Optimization Apps for Your Shopify Store

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The average visitor will leave if your store takes too long to load. Even a couple of seconds make a difference. In this post, you’ll discover 10+ powerful apps that will make your Shopify store load faster.

1. Page Speed Optimizer ‑ [FREE]


In just one click – the app will improve the page speed and load times for your store. The app automatically speeds up your store’s load times by adding one simple file to your theme called booster-page-speed-optimizer.js!

2. Page Speed Booster


Page Speed Booster tells your browser to use idle time to retrieve or prepare to retrieve page contents in anticipation of the user’s next action.

For example, while on the home page, the user is currently on a page to choose a product to click. So, almost the next page will be the product detail page. Page Speed Booster improves the performance of this page by having the browser retrieve the contents while the user is still thinking. Once the visitor clicks on a link, the browser only needs to retrieve the content from the browser’s cache.

As a result, this app helps to make your site’s pages instant and improves your conversion rate.

3. Page Speed Optimizer Pro ‑ SEO


When you turn the app on it will automatically add a file to your website called crucial-commerce-page-speed.js that will automatically increase your website’s load speed!

4. Hyperspeed ‑ Advanced Speed


This app helps to increase your store’s speed on both mobile and desktop. It makes your theme files as small as possible to supercharge speed.

With minification, this app will safely minify your store’s JS and CSS so that they load faster without compromising their functionality. Your original files are all kept and remain unchanged. Any edits are instantly reflected in the minified files!

It also makes sure your store’s initial load time is as fast as possible with LazyLoad and CSS inlining.

This app analyzes the apps loaded on your store and cache them so that they’re served with the same fast server that hosts your Shopify store. Third-party apps can easily double your site’s load speed since they’re each loaded separately from a ton of different servers.

This app uses predictive page loading to preload pages before users click on them so your store feels super fast.

5. Jumbo ‑ Page speed optimizer


This app optimizes the load speed of your pages by pre-loading them as soon as your visitors hover their mouse on a link. This allows you to implement almost instant page load across your site resulting in lower drop-off and higher conversion.

After installing the script, the page should load noticeably faster since the core of the page is going to be pre-loaded before you even click on the link.

6. Superspeed ‑ Free Speed Boost


Superspeed offers an instant, easy-to-install, mobile-optimized solution that’s proven to increase page speed on all browsers and devices. Simply install the app and observe the immediate benefits, no coding or theme changes are required.

Superspeed uses a combination of strategies to determine what a customer’s next action will be (i.e. clicking “Checkout”), and then fetches the page for that next action before they visit it.

When a customer eventually does navigate to the next page, their browser already has the important pieces downloaded and can show them very quickly. Customers experience a faster website, browse more pages, and convert more often, especially on slower mobile connections.

7. Page Load Magic


Here’s how Page Load Magic works:

  • When the customer hovers over a link, the app begins preloading the page that the link is pointing to, and once clicked, it will open much faster.
  • The customers will feel that the page loaded instantly but it won’t be because of any script and image optimizations.
  • It works perfectly even if the theme is sluggish and page loading analytics don’t really yield the best marks.

Even if you have a lot of code left over from the other apps, this app will almost magically speed up your website and improve your customers’ shopping experience.

8. Fuzz


Fuzz is a Shopify app that will speed up navigation on your Shopify store by preloading pages before you click on them.

Simply put, the app detects which link you’re going to click, and preloads the page before you click it.

9. Rocket Page Speed


This app speeds up your website through various measures. However, if you have custom JavaScript, then this site might not be the best option for you.

10. Speedr ‑ Faster Stores


Speedr reduces your store’s page load latency with the proprietary just-in-time-loading algorithm. It makes your store load faster.

Speedr embeds a small piece of code in your store, which pre-loads and caches pages which are most likely to be visited by your customers. When the customer now clicks on the link, the page is loaded instantly for them.

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