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Today, I want to share with you ultimate free website templates list. So, let’s get started:

Free Elementor Furniture Store Theme – Furnicom

In order to promote your exclusive furniture at the online-space, it is crucial to choose an elegant and stylish ready-made solution.

For this reason, you can pay your attention to this ready-made solution and start showcasing your furniture agency. You are free to choose from a wide range of pre-designed pages that allow sharing details about your services, their advantages, news, projects, and so on and so forth. Mobile-first design is a perfect piece for both small and large screens.

Free PrestaShop Theme – NextPrest

NextPrest is a modern PrestaShop template that can be used for various purposes. You can create a daily deal for the necessary products and display them on your website with a countdown timer. Furthermore, there is a wonderful lookbook option that allows taking a glance at products in real contexts. You can also engage your potential customers by means of the testimonials. In such a way, your online-store will turn out to be more trustworthy for all people who visit it.

Free PrestaShop Template Eveprest

Eveprest is a multipurpose template that can be used for launching any type of the online-store your soul wants. It has a fully responsive design that will be rendered at its best on all devices. You can include various high-resolution images that will not lose its visually-attractive appearance. It is also possible to provide your visitors with easy-to-use navigation. In this case, you need to make use of the great mega-menu functionality that allows dividing your content into categories and subcategories.

Free Elementor Construction Theme – BuildWall

If your construction company attracts lots of clients, you need to take advantage of this marvellous template. Its minimalist design will focus the attention on your content and boost your business with its great functionality. You will be provided with a fully-responsive design that will not lose its well-structured look if it is browsed on other devices. Moreover, you can work with a user-friendly WordPress Live Customizer that allows changing colours, fonts, and other components. As a result, you can create an expressive and remarkable online-project.

Apparelix – Free Fashion Shopify Theme

This free Shopify theme will be a great choice for every fashion-related website. You are free to present your apparel, accessories, and other items in the best possible light. It is possible to change its look in a way your soul wants. Thanks to an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, you are not required to have any coding skills. You can edit your content without applying any effort. Take advantage of banners, sliders, and products. In addition to this, it will adapt to all the devices and their screens. It is crucial to mention that this exciting theme can provide you with some extra functions. There is a full version that many people are already happy with. Check out this Shopify blog template and many others right now.

Main Features:

  • One homepage variation
  • Header and footer styles
  • One product page layout

5 Awesome and Free Restaurant Themes 

Would you believe if someone told you that free restaurant themes of good quality exist? While it might sound like a fairy tale, reliable web design companies and studios keep on creating splendid and free themes and templates! 

In this article, you’ll find out about free food blog themes and templates. There are also pre-made solutions for restaurants. 

Free products often raise questions because it’s hard to believe that they can cost nothing. Still, web design companies indeed make such generous offers once in a while. First, it helps to attract new customers, who might have a lack of trust for a company at first. Second, it’s an effective way to build long-term relationships with them. 

Whatever the reasons, you can benefit from free restaurant themes. But let us dispel some doubts regarding free products! 

Common Questions about Free Restaurant Themes 

If you suspiciously scroll free food blog themes, then you probably, find the answers to the questions that appear in your head at these moments. 

What is the difference between Free and Premium Themes? 

Apart from the fact that a premium theme with a single site license will cost you around $100, there is a difference in the theme’s features. 

Free solutions often come with a basic number of features. It means that you can customize a website. But in terms of functionality and web design, it will give way to a website with a premium theme. The website will still look classy. 

For instance, this is a demo of the free responsive restaurant template. It has a well-structured layout, high-quality pictures, banners, typography, header, and footer. It also has web forms for booking, newsletter, and testimonials. Besides, it has social options and convenient social buttons. There are basic pre-made pages that you can adjust to your restaurant.

As you see, this theme has everything needed to create a website for a restaurant. Probably, some advanced features are missing but: 

  • You might not even need them 
  • If you still need advanced features, you can add them with widgets and plugins 

If considering value for money, though, free food blog themes are a serious competitor to the premium ones. 

Do free Themes have Good Quality? 

Yes, free restaurant themes often have only basic features and don’t have 24/7 support from a developer. Still, the pre-made solutions from this article do have good quality. Web developers and designers, in general, improve the quality of free products. 

First, it’s an effective marketing tool. Second, any product on the website influences the company’s reputation. Thus, providing a theme with poor quality is fraught with financial losses for a company. At the end of the day there are reliable providers of the ready-made solutions, who offer indeed quality products. In this article, you’ll familiarize yourself with them. 

The bottom line is that downloading free products is safe, but you must choose trustworthy resources. Below, you can find 5 indeed worthy free themes for food blogs and restaurants. 

Free HTML5 Tmeme for Restaurant Website

Cafe & Restaurant Free Website Template

Free Website Template for Food Delivery

Free HTML5 Theme for Restaurant Site

Free Website Template – Restaurant

Find out more free website templates on templatemonster.com directory.

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