Happy Birthday to TemplateMonster: Not One Year Older But One Year Better

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There are so many ways to congratulate people on their birthdays. You can choose to say some funny or heart-warming words, prepare a surprise, and do many other things. When it comes to some monstrous birthday, it is important to celebrate on a noble scale. If you did not read the title of this post, you would think that we have mixed everything up. Do not worry. We are not talking about monsters on the streets on Halloween night.

We are talking about a birthday party that is devoted to the 17th anniversary of TemplateMonster.

Celebrate with TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster wants everyone to share this significant with them. For this reason, its team has prepared a pleasant gift for every single person. Actually, it is even bigger than a pleasant gift. It can be called a pile of amazing presents that you should be happy to get.

Monstrous Birthday party 

Everything is going to start with a huge and loud pre-party. For this reason, you need to subscribe to the Monstrous Birthday Party launch notification here and now. In such a way, you are not going to miss the biggest part of amusement and fun. You will be rewarded with a free bundle that comes together with:

  • a premium landing page;

  • one PowerPoint template and two illustrations packs;

  • a social media templates pack;

  • a pack of animated banners.

Celebrate with TemplateMonster

As you can understand, it is only the beginning. The party itself is going to be marked with some marvelous discounts. You will have a chance to grab best-selling digital products with up to 50% discount. Both you and TemplateMonster will be extremely happy if it will turn out to be the best birthday party ever.

Do you think that everything will be ended on this point?

Cakes are eaten and guests are ready to leave the party… No, you can also visit a great after-party. In addition to this, TemplateMonster will compliment you with several extra presents:

  • 1-year premium hosting;

  • Draftium PRO (a turbo prototyping tool);

  • template installation service;

  • and others.

TemplateMonster gets only better with time. Make sure to become a part of its birthday party on June, 17 and grab your presents!

Celebrate with TemplateMonster

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