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Today you have a special opportunity to explore a web design subscription called MonsterONE. We became very curious about this service and decided to understand whether it is really as cool and useful as it seems. Therefore, let us try to get familiar with a detailed description of MonsterONE.

So, our main course for today is the MonsterONE subscription. The team markets it as a service for web designers. However, after having learned more about its assortment of products, we understood that it will also work for other specialists. It is true that it is suitable for web designers and developers who need to streamline their workflow. Anyway, MonsterONE includes other valuable tools for other professionals. As an example, graphic designers, illustrators, marketers, business owners, and bloggers can also turn to this subscription. We have also discovered an impressively big number of ready-made solutions for online stores.

In general, MonsterONE subscribers have access to such incredible tools as:

  • Themes for WordPress and other popular CMS
  • Templates for various eCommerce platforms
  • HTML templates
  • Plugins
  • Templates for presentations
  • Audio and video materials
  • 3D models
  • Graphic elements (for example, fonts, illustrations, background images, vector files, and others).

MonsterONE also provides a choice of three tariffs crafted for different purposes.

  1. A creative plan offers graphic elements, templates for presentations, video and audio materials, as well as 3D models. It will cost you $93 per year. By the way, now you have a unique opportunity to purchase a monthly creative plan for $18.
  2. The next plan (annual) includes all of the above tools. Its package also includes HTML templates, themes for WordPress, other CMS, and eCommerce platforms. You will also be ready to download plugins. It is the perfect purchase for web designers and developers who need to cope with a variety of custom projects. You will have to pay $179 a year for it.
  3. The last plan (lifetime) differs from the previous choice in one single characteristic. It pleases its subscribers with lifetime access to all the tools. You only pay $599 for it once.

It is also impossible to mention the additional benefits of MonsterONE. We have gathered a list of the most remarkable ones below.

  1. One of the most important features of MonsterONE is the technical assistance, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the general help chat, you can seek assistance. It does not, however, cover troubleshooting and support with complicated issues.
  2. We were pleasantly delighted to see that MonsterONE works closely with a variety of similar businesses. You can work using Draftium Pro, for example. It is a website prototype tool that will be free to use. You can also get a modest discount on services like Crello or DepositPhotos.
  3. You will also get unlimited downloads that will not hold you from creating more online stores. There is a straightforward license. As long as you obey the conditions of use, you can utilize any number of things supplied in the license to create the end-product.
  4. The team of MonsterONE updates the collection of ready-made items regularly.

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