The best ways to increase traffic to your Shopify store

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There are multiple ways to get free traffic to your Shopify store, however two things to note:

You want to make sure that the traffic is targeted, meaning going after potential customers that are interested in your product as traffic in itself is worthless – you’re looking to either get an email address or make a sale.

It’s not enough to drive targeted traffic to your site. It’s also important that you optimize your store as much as possible so that you get the most out of the traffic that you’re sending to your store.

With that said, here are a few ways to get free, targeted traffic:

Community Websites

Quora and Reddit

Both of these sites get massive amounts of traffic (top 100 globally) and the people that frequently visit these sites tend to be absolutely obsessed with the topics they follow.

By becoming an active member that provides value and solves the problems of community members, you’ll be able to gain credibility, build trust, and organically grow your customer base with free targeted traffic.


Forums are a bit like Reddit in the sense that they are conversational and that members will ignore you (or worse, you can earn a ban) if you start off by self-promoting.

Instead, you’ll want to check the rules and make sure you add value to the conversations.

Facebook Groups

Make sure to find a group that not only caters to your target audience but that is also actively moderated. While that means you’ll have to commit more time into becoming a valued member, it also means that you’re more likely to get valuable traffic.

Think about it – a group that allows endless promotions means that it’s filled primarily with other marketers who have no interest in your products.

Guest Post on Other Sites

Done right, writing for other sites allows you to potentially get the attention of a large audience as well as provide SEO value by being able to link back to your website.

When looking for sites to guest post on, you’ll want to find websites that align with your ideal customer personas. Additionally, the sites you choose to guest post should have good traffic numbers (you can use Alexa to get an estimate) and ideally have a strong, engaged social following (active community more likely to click through).

You can take this one step further and see if the site you’re writing a guest post for will allow you to create a content upgrade as this can be a great way to get emails.

Micro Influencers

Typically a micro influencers is someone that has tens of thousands of followers. While this may not seem like a lot when compared to celebrity influencers, it’s this smaller number that actually benefits you.

Due to their smaller following, you’ll typically find the audience of a micro influencer to be more engaged and the relationship to be more authentic which is why their campaigns return engagement rates 60% higher than macro-influencer-led campaigns.

Additionally, while macro influencers almost always want monetary compensation, you can find micro influencers who won’t require monetary compensation (though you will need to compensate them by providing your product for free).

Social Media

Instead of trying to join every social media site, find one or two networks that serve as the stomping grounds for your target audience. These are the networks that you’ll want to concentrate your efforts on by posting consistently and working on engaging with the community.

Some social media sites to consider:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


While optimizing your site for search engines and getting to the top of the first page can take a lot of time and effort, it’s well worth it as it allows your store to get consistent, long-term traffic for free.

Affiliate Marketing

Theoretically the traffic itself is free until someone makes a purchase at which point you pay a percentage of the cart order to the referrer. The advantage of an affiliate program is that you can get more customers by leveraging the experience of other marketers and that you don’t have to pay upfront.¬†Here’s a great case study/guide from Sumo.

Source: Quora

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